Exchange report - incoming students
Minneapolis downown innan våren brutit ut.
Home university: Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Study programme: Biomedicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011

Arrival and registration

The introduction day was very interesting. You were in contact with other ERASMUS stundets from the first day on. Unfortunately one does not meet so many swedes.

At the first day in class the program coordinator introduced me very nicely.
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I applied for housing through University Accomodation Center. It was nice, that people from Global Friends picked up the key and met me at the central station. I lived in PAX I. The room was very nice. It is extremely good to have an own bathroom since the shared areas were constantly dirty and untidy. Nevertheless the kitchen was very good equipped and there was a lot of space. My impression is that the prices for the housing are cheap compared to the standard in Stockholm, but expensive compared to Germany.
Ingången till Dinnaken House

Leisure time and social activities

I participated in several Global Friends activities. Furthermore I was able to join a PhD graduation party of a swedish PhD student in the lab. I also made some swedish friends in class and via classmates. 
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Since I have not been on exchange in highschool or during the bachelor, I choosed to go on exchange during the master. I think an ERASMUS term a great opportunity to meet not only people from Europe or the exchange country, but from all over the world. Additionaly I was interested in the classes offered in the master program at KI. The exchange information I got were extremely good, and responsible coordinators were an enormous help. I was not required to bring any certificate, neither did I have to be vaccinated.

Courses during the exchange period

BIOM04 : MAS - Biomedical communication
I already mentioned it in the studies part.
BIOPROJMAS18 : MAS - Biomedical Project
I already mentioned it in the studies part.
Soluppgång över universitetssjukhusets campus "Riverside"


I liked it very much in sweden. I do not think there is much to improve.

Language and Culture

I participated in the swedish course, but since I already had swedish class in Germany the niveau did not match my knowledge. The grammar part was much to easy, but the free speaking part much to hard. Since the environment in the lab is very international I did not speak a lot swedish there.
Amerikaner är stolta över sitt land och de har en förkärlek för enorma flaggor

Studies in general

I took the Biomedical Communication class, the PhD class Laboratory animal science and did a Biomedical project. I was really impressed that the course coordinators had the necessary material for the classes already printed and in folders nicely labeled with the name of each student. The class was a mix of short presentations and different practical tasks. Unfortunately the lecturers were not able to go into much detail since the presentations were that short. The student to teacher ratio is extremely good, since we were small study groups. The laboratory animal science course was similar to this. Working in the lab during the biomedical project was not different to labwork in Germany.
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