Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Semmelweis Egyetem
Study programme: Optometry
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011
Name: Gizella Veres
Email address:

Arrival and registration

For me the arrival was hard, because I arrived at 11 pm. I wasn’t sure that somebody will wait for me to help me because of the late time, but finally two hours before my start I got an e-mail from Global Friends that they found somebody. I got my key in T-centralen and when I found the accomodation I met with an other exchange student and she showed me my room.
The introduction day was ok. 


I applied for accomodation through the UAC. I lived in Strix. It was perfect for me because I did my clinical work in St. Erik Ögonsjukhus and it was quite near to Strix.

The price was a bit high for me.

The size of the room was ok and I was happy because I had my own bathroom. The shared kitchen was good becuse it gave opportunity to get to know the other students.

The furniture of the room was a bit old and I had problem with some things: From the beginning in the bathroom was bad smell because of the drain and in the beginning it was obstructed.  Because of the ventillation there was  some noise like a whizz and at first the house caretaker solved the problem but second time when I heard it nothing happened.

But even so I really enjoyed my time in Strix because I met there with a lot of great people and for me it wa sthe most important thing. 

Leisure time and social activities

The Global Friends organized a lot of things like dinners, trips etc. I think it was very helpful for everybody because it make easyer to get to know other exchange student. 


I always dreamt about studying in abroad, studying in an other language. I didn’t have other option, just Karolinska, but I think if I had had other choise I would choosen Karolinska too.

Before me one student was in Stockholm from the optometry field, so I had some information about the Erasmus programe, but truth to tell her programe was a little bit different like my.

My international cordinator was helpful, my questions was always answerd. 

Courses during the exchange period

1OPX02 : Clinical work
My clinical work was in St. Erik Ögonsjukhus. My problem was the language, because i can't speak swedish and in the beginning it was difficult to follow the examination
1EE066 : Project work for incoming students
I had to write a project work. I had enough time to do it and I had opportunity to use the library in the eyehospital. And finnaly I had to do a presentation about my project


For me this semester was great, because I met with a lot of nice people I learnt a lot and I really love Stockholm. If I had opportunity I would come back. 

Language and Culture

I attended a short swedish course but for me it wasn’t enough. I learnt more during my clinical work. 

Studies in general

For me as for lot of other students the most difficult thing was the language. I didn’t have lessons only clinical work and during the eye examination everybody spoke in swedish. Of course when I asked my question was always answerd, but not always have time to explain everything. Ont he one hand it was difficult, but the other hand it was useful, because in the end I understood quite a lot things in swedish.

But I think it should be expected that the student learn a bit swedish before arrive to Sweden.

The clinical work was very useful for me, because I learnt a lot of things, I saw a lot of new machine, techniq. If I compare the education with my university we have less practical lessons then here.

The relationship between the teachers and a student is more familiar than in my university and the student was confident and friendly with the patients. 

I have only one suggestion about the optometry course: I think the exchange student need more english course.