Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Dentistry
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2018/2019
Duration: 22
Email address:


<p>I must thank the International Coordinator Pernilla Witte who organised for us accommodation at Jagargatan 20 at a fair price.The room was clean, tidy and well furnished. The living rooms, kitchen and washrooms were always clean and all toiletries were always available. Cost of living in Sweden is quite high especially if you don't cook. Jagargatan 20 is the best for any one who visits Karolinska Institutet. Thank you Karolinska Housing.</p>

Language and Culture

<p>Most teachings are conducted in Swedish which became a language barrier since we speak English so at one point we lost track of what was going on.In some instances, we were translated to in English.I really appreciate that some sessions like therapy planning were fully conducted in English to suit us which was humbling on our side and we were really grateful.The Swedish are very disciplined in all aspects, traffic organisation, cleanliness and punctuality.My dislike was majority of the Swedish smoke which i didn't find healthy.</p>

Leisure time

<p>Special thanks to Dr. Daniel Benchimol, Dr. Idil who took us to places like the national museum, dinners. I also cruised to Turku, Finland. I had a good view of the Old Stockholm city which was nice. Dr. Daniel took us to old cottages and church house built in the 1638.</p>


<p>I had fun and a lot to learn from Karolinska Institutet. However i would want the teacher exchange program to involve some lectures from the Ugandan side to the students of Karolinska Institutet to allow exchange of information and also pick a leaf from each other's book in addition to the clinical exposure.I also request that the LPS exchange program continues as we have a lot we share through these interactions that enhances dental education in our institutions.I also request for research collaborations between Makerere University and Karolinska Institutet that stem from these exchange programs.I personally have an interest in oral medicine and i was delighted to spend some time with Dr.Karin. I got to know that oral medicine specialty had been introduced and national postgraduate training was starting in just a few months.I pray and hope it gets open to the international community so that i can benefit having a postgraduate training in Oral medicine at Karolinska Institutet.I conclude by saying; "If i got another chance to come back to Karolinska Institutet, I will surely be delighted at every single opportunity! Special thanks to Dr. Daniel Benchimol, Dr. Idil, Dr. Biniyam, Dr. Patricia De Palma, Dr. Conny Abrahamsson and Pernilla, the international coordinator and to everyone. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!</p>

Other activities

<p>I was able to meet with the Vice chairperson of research at Karolinska Institutet, Professor Anders Gustafsson who gave me some contacts for research collaborations still waiting for feedback though.</p>


<p>I got to know of the opportunity to go for the teacher exchange towards end of March 2019 from the head of department of Dentistry at Makerere University, Dr.Kutesa Annet. I was thrilled to participate in the teacher exchange program and once i heard of it, i didn't hesitate to take it up with open hands.I was then given a contact point of Dr. Conny Abrahamsson who introduced me to the steps and things i needed to prepare for through email.It was on short notice but we managed to prepare within the shortest time available.</p>


<p>I have learnt a lot especially in adding vigilance in how i supervise my students. Paying attention to detail. Time management for the clinical procedures.I was personally amused by the reflection session of the students after every morning clinic where they discussed the challenges and lessons learnt from the different procedures with their tutors. I would want to carry it on during the clinic sessions I have with the students so that i get to know their weak and strong points.</p>


<p>The teaching system of dental students at Karolinska Institutet is really aggressive. I observed the commitment the lecturers had in teaching their students and the willingness of the students to engage their tutors was really amazing. The similarities with our dental school at Makerere University is that students also engage the tutors during the clinical session. However, the system at Karolinska Institutet is digital which lessens the crowding around a dental chair as the students are waiting for the supervisor. This makes workflow easier and we hope our dental school at Makerere University gets to the desired level of digitization. The availability of dental materials and equipment plus documentation of patients' records was attractive since our dental students have to buy most of the dental materials because of insufficient funds to facilitate dental education. The dental chairs that are in full use and enough for all students was also a leaf I picked because our dental school in Uganda had reached an extent of few dental chairs in comparison to the number of students. We are however optimistic that since we have got a new dental clinic at the main campus, this will be solved. The teachers were also interactive with us. They were able to describe for us what is going on since the students are taught in Swedish. We were able to go through the Emergency/OSK, Cariology/Endondotics/Periodontology, Peadodontics/Orthodontics, Dental radiology, Oral medicine, Prosthodontic clinics. They were all fascinating with how flow of work, patient management and referral at the different levels to specific cadres.</p>

Teaching hours

<p>Teaching hours;120 hours observing the clinic sessions (68%) Individual supervision and other activities; 56 hours (32%) including public holidays. Sleep times not included</p>