Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: University of Malawi
Study programme: Midwifery
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2018/2019
Duration: 25
Name: Alice Kadango
Email address:


<p>The accommodation was good well secured, furnished and clean. It just need to have extra linen as some days were very cold. Cost of living was good and the cooking facility assisted to put the cost down.</p>

Language and Culture

<p>The teaching was done in English and there was no language barrier encountered. Swedish culture was so amazing and most of the people were friendly and could assist to provide information.</p>

Leisure time




Other activities

<p>There was good interaction and sharing of culture and learning the history of Malawi and Sweden. There are a lot of similarities on the family organization, food and some values between the two countries. We visited the old city of Stockholm, homes, restaurants and hospitals. There is diversity in way of doing things by the two countries but we could learn from each other the good practices that promote social integration. This teacher/student exchange visit should continue as it offers the two institutions to share evidence-based practices that would improve midwifery practice. There is a good collaboration between the two universities to work together on different projects and generate evidence-based information in high- and low-income countries that would benefit midwifery practice in different settings globally. Malawi should replicate a good conference on SDGs that involved students, staff, multidisplinary professionals to work together in collaboration to achieve the goals.</p>


<p>Two lecturers from Kamuzu College of Nursing visited Karolinska Institutet on the exchange visit sponsored by Linnaeus and Palme program the purpose of which is to strengthen partnership between Swedish Universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in middle- and low-income countries. This was the fifth teacher exchange visit since the inception of the Linnaeus Palme program. During this visit we had objectives and an outline of program activities that was to be achieved for the success of the visit. Presented in this report are the objectives and activities that were achieved during the visit.The visit was well prepared as there was a lot of information that was provided in terms of the weather,language and how to interact with the people. Links at the website on visiting Sweden gave enough information about what to expect in Sweden.</p>




<p>Teaching methods were student centered and there were more hours where students work on there own and search for information. Teacher student ratio is very reasonable at KI that KCN which is very high.</p>

Teaching hours

<p>This information was not shared.</p>