Exchange report - incoming students
Underbar liten patient på Mulago Hospital
Home university: National University of Singapore
Study programme: Biomedicine
Exchange programme: INK
Semester: Spring semester 2010/2011
Name: JingYuan Chooi
Email address:

Arrival and registration

"Wow, this is a school full of internation students", this is the first thing came into my mind. The arrival arrangement is very good.


It is very pleased to know that KI provide accommodation for exchange students, so we do not need to worried about it. 
Utsikt från Akamwesi hostel med Mulago Hospital i bakgrunden

Leisure time and social activities

I like the activities organized by global friends, which strengthen the bonding between exchange students and local students.
Rafting på Nilen


I would like to experience a different learning environment. A friend recommended this school by introducing some of the research and seminar provided and I think this is something i would like to try. 

Some information provided are good, however, it takes some time to find out the course information. 
Hur kan man inte vilja åka till ett land som bjuder på såna här bilder..

Courses during the exchange period

BIOX07 : BACH - Neuroscience
I think the first half of this course is have much more free time, but the second part have less free time to rest. If the topics could be evenly spread out, it would be better. The practical class is a good place of learning, can increase more time on this part. This course is relevant to my degree.
BIOX09 : BACH - Pharmacology and Toxicology
The practical class is a good place of learning, can increase more time on this part. This course is relevant to my degree. The last part where many teacher from industry come to give a class is very helpful. After that, we still got a chance to visit Astra Zeneca.
BIOX10 : BACH - Biostatistics
I hope to learn more in this course. Anyway, it is relevant to my degree.
BIOX08 : BACH - Tissue Biology
I think this is a very interesting course, where we could learn how to diferenciate the tissues. It is very useful.
Balanstestande på strokepatient på Mulago Hospital


This is a very good experience to me. I learn many things in this program. 
Utsikt över Nilen

Language and Culture

The course is useful to learn some basic Swedish, however, it is still some distance away to be able to communicate in Swedish. Reading is not a problem.
Boende ute på landsbygden

Studies in general

Full time students are very hardworking, it is a lifely classroom where teacher and students interact with each other. Practical class is very related to theory class, my home university do not provide that much practical class. I thing practical class is a different way of learning, which directly relate topics in theory class. 

In addition, PBL is also a good way for self-based learning, which what my home university lack of.

I learned some of the clinical procedure for tissue biology course, but not very clear about it. I wish I could have more time on this part. 
Sjukgymnastklinikens gym