Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Baylor College of Medicine
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: INK
Semester: Autumn semester 2011/2012

Arrival and registration

I did not attend the introduction day as I was here for a shorter exchange.  I contacted the student health center for a MRSA test before beginning clinical work and had not problems arranging an appointment.


I arranged for housing through UAC.  The dormitory was in a location very convenient for my clinical work.  The room was very small and the shared facilities adequate for a short-term stay.  I would not have liked to live there for a longer term stay.  The cost seemed fair compared to other options for short-term stays in Stockholm.

Leisure time and social activities

I participated mostly in my own social activities as I already have contacts in Sweden.  I did a few things with other students in the same courses or dormitory and imagine it would have been easy to build contacts with them if I had been here for a longer stay.  I did not participate in any of the social programmes available for exchange students.
På Szimpla


I came on exchange because I plan to move to Sweden for family reasons and wanted to see how things function here.  I chose KI because it is the only school in Sweden with an exchange with my home institution.  I thought the exchange information provided was adequate and any questions I had were addressed by the coordinators.  I was not required to be vaccinated or bring certain certificates.

Courses during the exchange period

ELA005 : Internal Medicine 1
The course was about what I expected. I thought the quality was fine and the content relevant. The examination format was fine. I thought the teachign was overall good although I am used to a different style where the supervisor asks many questions to test knowledge rather than allowing the student to self-direct discussion. It took a bit of getting used to at first.


I had a very good experience during my exchange period here.  Everyone from my supervisors to the administrative staff were eager to ensure that I was having a good experience and were quick to address any problems or questions I had.  I felt very welcomed and thought it was exactly what I wanted in terms of getting a glimpse of the medical system in Sweden.

Language and Culture

I did not participate in a Swedish language course.

Studies in general

I felt the work environment was very welcoming and not at all stressful.  The hierarchy is much less pronounced here.  I did not receive any theoretical education here so cannot comment on that.  I enjoyed the less stressful work environment and the rights students receive here.  I did think some things were too relaxed and would have enjoyed being given more responsibilities and more possibilities to directly interact with patients speaking my language but am overall happy with the experience.