Reserapport - utresande lärare
Magnolia från Nijmegen
Lärosäte: Högskolen i Sör-Tröndelag
Utbildningsprogram: Arbetsterapeut
Utbytesprogram: Erasmus
Termin: Vårtermin 11/12
Antal dagar: 3


 The University take very good care of us, it was good to be there with some senior researcher that have been in contact with the university in sebveral opportunities. It facilitated all kind of practical thing around accomodation and living.

Språk och kultur

 The  activities were hold in english and scandinavian.  Norge is characterized by the  differnt use of time, meetings must be hold earlier and  time for family or private things starts around 16:00. Very different from sweden and even from my country of origen, Chile  were yopu can schedule meeting or activities even up to 21:00


 Yes, We have a nice dinner together with the whole staff members and participants of the  activities.


  May be to be aware of the  money xchange value, all was very expensive in Trondheim, and some credit cards did not work in  regular places.

Annan verksamhet

 Additionally I participated in a narrative methods  meeting  organized by  researchers that work with narrative methodologies in Scandinavia. This was also in close relationship with the researchers of the Occupational Therapy program in Trondheim and was a  good oportunity for networking and collaboration.



 I wanted to participate  in the exchange   in Norwey because of the possibilities  of  collaboration between the different research teams, and as a way to  reflected with other perspectives research methodologies within Occupational Therapy research.


 It is  a ongoing collaboration with the university and  the proffessional connections get stronger with this kind of exchanges. New norweging colleges  are part now of the narrative network, for example.


 I did not  get an complete picture and understanding of the whole program of the  Occupational Therapy  program in in Trondheim. The academic activity  had a seminar form and  the group was configured by PhD studentes, teachers and researchers within Occupational Therapy. It was n open and fruitful discussion about qualitatives methods, strategies and  challenges. 


 It was 100% seminar time.  Around 8 hours in total.