Exchange report - teacher at KI
Home university: Turun Yliopisto (University of Turku/Åbo)
Study programme: Doctoral level
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2011/2012
Duration: 2


 Course organizer helped arrange my accomodation.

Language and Culture

My teaching was entirely in English.

Leisure time

 I went out for dinner with the course organizer and another invited speaker. It was pleasant.


The experience was great.

Other activities

I had the opportunity to meet an investigator (postdoc) at the partner university during lunch and to discuss my research with him. I also had the opportunity to interact with an another invited speakers attending the course that week.


I had some contact with the course organizer at the partner univerisity (Turku) and after explaining my area of expertise to him, namely infectious disease models in mice, he showed interested in having me come over to teach this particular subject area in his course. Other than preparing my lecture, there was no major preparation needed for the exchange visit, eg, no vaccination or visa.


I will stay in touch with course organizer. Possibility for continued teaching in my subject area may exist.


Hands-on practical saw strong interactions between teacher and students. Course organizer participated during practicals too. Intense experience for teacher and students but a great way to exchance knowledge. During my lecture I received a lot of questions from the students at the partner university, I was impressed with their level of attention and interest.

Teaching hours

1hr science lecture

5hrs practical on laboratory mice