Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Study programme: Public Health Sciences (Master's)
Exchange programme: Erasmus Mundus Action 2
Semester: Autumn and spring semester 2011/2012
Name: Valencia Benjamin
Email address:

Arrival and registration

We were two students travelling from South Africa, so we could support one another, but i think it will be great if a global friend could meet arriving foreigners, (especially from out of Europe). I know that this is not always possible and that it is done on a volutary basis, but it would help.


I applied for housing through the UAC. Everything was well organised and in place, and the accommodation was clean and well furnished. However, it was very pricy, but then again Stockholm is an expensive city to live in.

Leisure time and social activities

The social activity that was arranged by Global Friends was really good and i enjoyed it. Access to information to social activities were readily available and yes, i have made many friends in Sweden and will be returning soon.

Varmt i vattnet!?


I have chosen the exchange program to gain the experience of studying at an institute in a different country, and i have chosen KI because of its excellent and international reputation in research and education. I am honored to have been afforded the oppertunity to study here. The information forwarded to me prior to my departure was accurate and timeous, making the process run smoothly.
Nu rullar tåget!

Courses during the exchange period

3GB000 : GH-Global Health
The course content of all the modules were of a good standard, but there has been a lot of repitition of information.
3GB014 : GH-Health Policy, Management and Economics
See above
3GB015 : GH-Non-communicable diseases, injuries, natural emergencies and conflicts in a global health perspective (GH)
See above
3GB001 : GH-Research Methodology
See above
3GB016 : GH-Infectious Diseases - a challenge to global health: Clinical, social and preventive aspects (GH)
See above


Studying at KI and living in Sweden has been great! I will be returning to Sweden to visit and hope to continue my studies at KI.

Language and Culture

Not relevant

Studies in general

I think the standard of education at KI is high, and the course content as well, but found that there was a lot of repetition in the different modules.