Exchange report - incoming students
Mitt I Melbourne - och Mitt Möte Med Monash University
Home university: Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg
Study programme: Public Health Sciences (Master's)
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn semester 2011/2012

Arrival and registration

The Introductions days were ok, we had a lot of people who told us things about the health care centre, the accomodation, the city stockholm and the life in Sweden. It was informal and good.

Aktiviteter Orientation Week - Monash University


My housing was very good. I applied for a room from Germany, maybe 2 months before I arrived Stockholm. I lived in Strix, its a student accomodation from the UAC.

I paid 3250 crows per month for a 10 squaremeters room, a own bathroom and a shared kitchen with 12 other students, it was ok. In sweden everything is more expensive than in Germany so it was okay to pay around 350 euros for only one small room;)
Middagsmys hemma i vår lägenhet på Southbank!

Leisure time and social activities

I did a lot of the social activities, wehad a huge programm from the Medicinska föreningen (MF) and the global friends. A lot of parties and activities like Kanelbullar baking or the trip to Solvig.

We made a lot with our colleagues from the courses.

I meet a lot of nice swedish people, but unfortuanetly no real friends, the real firends I found in the international students. We all lived together in the student accomodation and had the swedish lectures togther.  Maybe thats one reason for the less contact to swedish people.

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road


It was always my dream to get new expressions from different countries and cultures.
I wanted to study in scandinavia and stockholm was my first choice, I heard only good things about the KI.

The Information of the study abroud given by Karin Johannson was really good, I got an impression whats going on in Stockholm and at the KI.
I was´nt required to be vaccinated or bring certain certificates. All the stuff like transcript of records I had to send before.
Mellanlandning i Thailand, januari.

Courses during the exchange period

3GB000 : GH-Global Health
To be honest, the lecturer was bad in this course. She was not able to teach and seems to be very unmotivated. We had only groupwokr ands she always said: read the text and then talk about it..whil she was sitting around. The exam was bad, we ware not allowed to use our dictionary and the multiple choice questions were mean.
3GB014 : GH-Health Policy, Management and Economics
Very good lecturer and interessting lectures. I learned a lot aboutthe swedish health care system.
3GB016 : GH-Infectious Diseases - a challenge to global health: Clinical, social and preventive aspects (GH)
Sounds really interessting, but we only talked about AIDS and Malaria in Africa and I always think, of course its important but there are more conztries and diseases allover the world.
4FH041 : EP-Introduction to Public Health Epidemiology
Very good course, we had a great statistics seminar and learned a lot of epidemiology and compared many countries from the world in their health status and the systems.
Foto taget från en av våra Fieldtrips


It was the best time of my life.

Even though the study was not my thing and I like my study in Hamburg more it was a great time. I would do it again again and again if I could.
The city is beautiful, I fall in love with Stockholm. I made the best experiences here and would love to come back now!
Exspecially the friends from all over the world which I found here. We had so much fun and I miss it a lot.

So, if you read my report:
DO IT IF YOU CAN.. best time ever:)
I will come back to sweden.

Så här glada var vi alltid! framför Flinders Station Mitt i Melbourne

Language and Culture

I had a swedish course seven times a 2 hours. I t was great, I love the swedish language. We had a great teacher and I would have loved to learn more swedish.

Unfortuanetly (its good but..) nearly everyone in sweden can speak perferctly english so i didnt speak a lot of swedish. But I always ordered my coffe or my burger in swedish;)

But I will continue the lessons in Germany.

Studies in general

I had big expectations on the studys at the KI. But I was a bit disappointed from the methods of lectuering.
The campus is really nice and the whole university is good for sure.
But the problem was that I am student in Public Health in the bachelor in Hamburg and here I studied in the Master of global health. The lecturers were partly not that good and I learned not the things I expected to learn. We had a lot of group work to do and self studying and maybe this was too much.
The relationsship between teachers and the students was good, always friendly and helpful.