Reserapport - utresande lärare
Lärosäte: Åbo Akademi University
Utbildningsprogram: Forskarutbildning
Utbytesprogram: Erasmus
Termin: Hösttermin 11/12
Antal dagar: 2
Namn: Oleg Shupliakov


I boat boat tickets to Åbo. It arrives close to the central part of the city. Boat tickets at least two times cheaper than plane tickets nowadays. Night boat arrives early in the morning (07.00). One has enough time to reach the University and prepare teaching. Everything related to my visit was perfectly arranged by the host University.

Språk och kultur

All lectures and discussions during evaluation committee meeting were in English. Discussions with Prof. John Eriksson and members of his group were in Swedish. Discussions with postdocs in Prof. Pekka  Hänninen ´s group were in English.


There was no time for free time activity this time.


I think it is very important to exchange expertise in teaching and science with our Finnish colleagues at Åbo Akademi. They have excellent educational programs for students. We may learn a good deal from each other.

Annan verksamhet

I had discussion with Profs. John Eriksson and Pekka  Hänninen and members of their research groups about recent research results and developments in the field of endocytosis.

As a member of the PhD evaluation committee I also participated in the evaluation committee meeting for Mrs. Claire Hyder, who is a PhD student in Prof. John Eriksson´s laboratory.  


 Department of Biosciences, Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland and Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholmm Sweden have a long history of scientific interactions. Both Departments are linked by joint grants and projects. It is natural that a special attention is paid on education of students and postdocs involved in joint experiments. In addition, exchange of specialists allows an update on recent developments in techniques and experimental results of mutual interest. Åbo Akademi is a Swedish speaking University. All students and stuff members speak Swedish and English. Visum is not required.


It was a very pleasant experience. I shall certainly do this again if I am invited.


I have participated in this exchange several times and I knew the routine. Everything is very similar to what we have at KI. In my lectures I addressed recent developments in studies of the molecular mechanisms linking exo- and endocytosis in synapses.


During short visits you try to use as much time as possible to interact with colleagues and students. I was occupied at least 8 hours a day.