Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Midwifery
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2011/2012
Name: Cecilia Nantume
Email address:

Arrival and registration

 At first was realy scared how all this would go, was not sure how i would get from the airport to KI, i had to get a Map prior to arrival, good enough had been informed by my international coordinator at KI, that information i maynot get before i left, which was kind , so i was prepared, however was not disappointed, i appreciated the fact i didnot get any trouble with my arrival. i could not believe , i was pick for the airport, taken to KI and was overwhelmingly helped through every thing, i surely can not complain about the arrival arrangements and introduction day, that was such a great welcome, i really left home .

My contact with the students health centre was prior arranged by my coordinators, which was great, i was really helped throughout the the all process, i was taken there, i did not have to worry but getting lost and the person  who took the swabs tests was really good and very respectful, gave all the necessary information and  that was so good


 I took long to get notification that i got accomodation , i  did not like the fact that i had applied for jargagatan but was instead given pax, though later appreciated the fact that it was nearer to KI. In pax the rooms were really big ,  i liked the idea of a private bathroom and a shared kicthen, it really had good security ,i always felt secure.

 I applied for housing through UAC. i  will be honest pax is very expensive, i did not like the deposit system,mostly because  i do not if i will to able to get my deposit fee , back home most our banks are not international, they do not offer credit card or visa cards, am sure if that money is transfered , i might get  a tenth of the total deposit , since all the transfer charges are to be paid by me. i consider this to be very unfair to a student.

Leisure time and social activities

 I didnot participate in any social activity neither was i provided with information about social activities nor any notification of any social activity. i did not make any swedish friends, but made friends amongst the immigrant population in sweden.


 I had always wanted an experience besides my own country and am also very interested in travelling. I did not choose KI, but my home university has a patternship with KI, which i think is the best patternship ever!.

I think the information given by both KI and my home university was not that elaborate, though being very interested in the exchange and knowing the standard so KI, i say i was not disappointed, because i got more information when i arrived at KI.

I think the information was precise, i knew exactly what i was coming to do and duration for each course  and credits awarded for each.


Now,this was the best part, hearing the past experience of how troublesome and costly vaccinations can be, was more than grateful i did  not need any vaccination and certificates, just my acceptance later and insurance.

Courses during the exchange period

2XX001 : Sexual and reproductive health in a global perspective
I was so impressed by this course, i feel my eyes have been opened, never to be closed again, i seen have reproductive health in a whole new perspective, i have been given information and experiences from the global perspective, now i know how much i have to do for my home country. The content of this course were just perfect. the examination format was great, i think, not only did it give us research knowlegde but also interest in research it self. The courses were very relevant to my degree. The supervsion and teaching of the course was good, though i think lectures were took many, i do with more discussions and seminars.
2EE089 : Antenatal care including fertility control, delivery, neonatal and postnatal care, theory and clinical education
i really liked this course, i was given opportunities to do all practices proceedures in a non limited resourse setting, i learnt to use all the equipment i could read and see in the books. i appreciate all my coordinators in the clincal rotation, they were ready to teach, and were very intersted in my learning.i think the course was very relevant to my degree, i was equipped with new skills


 Generally the all exchange period at KI, was great, am not complaing in anyway.Thank you Karolinska Institutet for all the hospitality, knowledge and guidance throught out my exchange period.

Language and Culture

 I applied to attend the course, however this not get the opportunity because my conflicting hospital rotation program.

i however learnt some swedish through my patioent interactions.

Studies in general

 I could say studying at KI, is such a pleasurable experience. the study environment is calm and relaxing.

 i think the student/ teacher relationship is very close, i must admit i have never had a such a relationship with any on my teachers back home

The patients were very welcoming , always wanted to know about my home country and how our health care, which i found really kind.

Iam very happy and felt like, finally was able to apply all my theoritical knowledge into practice, i think the clinical education was very guided with demonstrations and well planned, i was really taught and given all available opportunities through out the clinical education.

i think comparing my home university  with KI, is not just right!., anyway honestly they may not be any similarities.

However, of course differences: KI, was a generally better learning environment, with very good library, i was able to maximumly use the internet for my reading at any place i was, whether the class, compound and hospital which was great,

 i found the learning much more guided than in my home university

There was better follow up  than in my home university.

  I found  the demonstration lectures really very good, however, most of the content was in swedish and the interpretation was not the best, but most important i picked almost every thing. i think better interpretation could be given.

i learnt to use and interprete, machines , i had only seen theoritically in the books. i was updated with evidence based practice.

I  was happy about all my clincial placements because i really got all the exposure in need, however  there were problems in communication of the rotation programes, i remember i missed out on some days of my next placement because of poor communication, i think the student should be provide with the whole rotation  programe to avoid such instances