Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Turku University of Applied Sciences
Study programme: Nursing
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2011/2012

Arrival and registration

I think everything went well with arrival arrangements. Introduction day was useful and I got much of the information that I needed from there. International student coordinators were friendly and tried to help with all that I needed help with. Contact with the student health care system was good. I went there to give a MRSA sample during their drop-in hour. I did receive the results in a week by mail. 


I did apply for housing through UAC and was offered a room about a month before my departure. I took the first room that I was offered. The standard of housing is not very high, I could say. The rooms and the building itself are quite old. Rooms are small and common areas are not that fancy. Anyhow, I stayed at Jägargatan and I think that the location was really good. We have had some problems with internet connection here, but maybe that does not depend on UAC.. 

Leisure time and social activities

I participated in a few parties arranged by KI. I think there is lots off good, different kind of program for exchange students so that was not a problem. The information about all kinds of events I mostly found on Facebook or heard from other exchange students. I actually didn't make any Swedish friends, but many exchange student friends. 


I did choose to go to exchange because I wanted to learn Swedish and see how the health care system is working in our neighbor country Sweden. I chose KI because it has a good reputation in the medical field. The information given by KI can be considered sufficient, yet some of it came a little late and some I had to asked for. I had all the vaccinations that I needed in order to come here. I also did bring my certificates with me. 

Courses during the exchange period

SSKKIR01 : Somatic nursing, surgery - Clinical education 2
Quality of supervision was good and the course did match my degree of studies.
1EE055 : Somatic Nursing
I had good supervisor and I learned a lot. I found the examination format good, although I think the oral presentation felt little unnecessary. Writing a blog was a good thing.


Besides the rather low quality of housing, everything went really well in my opinion! I would definitely recommend KI to any of my friends. I especially liked the fact that all practical matters were arranged so well and all the time I was aware of what I am supposed to do and when. 

Language and Culture

I didn't participate in any language course. 

Studies in general

I did two clinical rotations here - one in a psychiatric ward and the other in emergency ward in SöS (AVA). These rotations did not include any theoretical courses here. I had finished all the theory needed already back in Finland. I found the relationship between my supervisors and me really good in both of my rotations. Supervisors were really friendly and interested in supervising and treated me very well as a student. The relationship was not that hierarchical, which is good. All the patients as well had open attitude towards students, so I didn't experience anything uncomfortable from their side either. In my hope university the teachers do not use to be present in final evaluations at the end of the rotations, but here a teacher from KI was present too. In my home university we don't get any grades either, only pass/fail. I think I got useful feedback from my supervisors and found some areas that I still want to improve. Supervisors were very supportive and gave lots of positive feedback as well.