Reserapport - utresande lärare
Bella Firenze
Lärosäte: Arteveldehogeschool
Utbildningsprogram: Arbetsterapeut
Utbytesprogram: Erasmus
Termin: Hösttermin 11/12
Antal dagar: 10


 TThe course  logistics  worked very well, I came by the local public transport to the place, the information  we have  was sufficient. The accomodation was included  and located in the same campus were the course was hold. All  the teachers shared a  common building.

Språk och kultur

 The language was english,  but  there was a significant amount of students  from Spain, around 20, that did not  have the sufficient  preparation to communicate in english. I  played a role as facilitator with this group of students given that my  motherlanguage is spanish. Thhis contribute with the inclusion of the students in the program.


 The social activities were  not many, a cultural evening is a tradition within the couse, each teacher share some traditional food with collegues from other countries. all social activities were at the University and small  nearby.


 To recolet photo and video material from theis kind of course is very importat, it helped  us to motivate students  to the upcoming course and works as feedback tool as well for the student that  participated in the exchange.

Annan verksamhet

 I did not participate in other activitities beside the planned ones, the program was really intensive,  it was no chance to explore or be in contact with something else.


  The Occupational Therapy division at Karolinska has a  long relationship with  the Occupational Therapy program in Gent. As a teacher  at the bachelor level,  it was interesting to keep this contacts and  exchange opportunities alive  and evolving. The course  has a  specific focus in the  subject of creativity in an international setting (students and teachers)


 This exchange experience was absolutly valuable, it gave me a lot of inputs  regarding the Occupational program at the Karolinska and   within the Creativity , subject. After this participation we have the oppotunity to implement new  activities in the subject  for bachelor students. Official channels  to share this experience with collegues is not part of the culture in our division, but  for sure we share it in  our  informal "fika" moments. The contact  with the University is  ongoing  and teacher from Gent had come to  teach in our programe.


 Ther course is very intensive  and start with common activituies to the whole ammount of students present at the moment, that was around 70 students.

 The days are planed with  different modules of workshops were students can  choose  by interest, in which they will prefer to participate. The  diversity of teachers, subjects, and   specifics topics is very atractive.  Teachers free of  teaching in some moments are encouraged to participate in other workshops as form to contribute to the  discussions within the  workshop. Some of the workshops are leaded by  artist or other kind of therapists, so the Occupational Therapy view at the end of each workshop is alsways appreciated by the students. Workshops are even  presented as inclusive group, where for exampel artist  (teachers in that situation) have some  disability.

The workshops  given by me and my collegue had a  specific theoretical background on creativity, where students got intructions and  transformed their work several times. The main focus was to point out the experience of creativity while performing activities and it potential value as therapeutic tools. At the end a reflection moment about the relevance of creativity within occupational therapy ,  and clinical relevance was allways aknowledged.


  We participate during the whole week  during  in diffent worshops . The roles could varied  from leading  workshop  to be a support for other teachers in differnt workshops. Staff meeting  and plannning meetings were  daily structured, and  the responsability of diffent collective activities were the students were also discuss there. I took responsability for  different group activities  with the students. Besides that I assisted my collegues from KI that were going to do a focus group with the students, but  would come later during the week, so the preparation of the focus group was also made by me and my collegue.