Reserapport - utresande lärare
Lärosäte: Turun Yliopisto (University of Turku/Åbo)
Utbildningsprogram: Forskarutbildning
Utbytesprogram: Erasmus
Termin: Vårtermin 12/13
Antal dagar: 3
Namn: Oleg Shupliakov


Two teachers, docent Åsa Winther and myself traveled this time. We came to Turku with a Silja boat which arrived at 7.00. Our hos met us at the boat terminat and drove us directly to the Biocenter. We started at 8.00 and left the Biocenter building at 19.00. We planned our teaching program for one day only (8 teaching hours). We took Silja boat back home which left Turku at 20.15 and arrived to Stockholm at 6.00 (local time) in the morning. There was no need stay in Turku. Travel by boat is comfortable and allow to plan teaching well in the evening on the day of departure. This allows to start early well prepared in the morning. It is always good to check the weather forecast if one chooses this way of travel. I do not recommend to travel by boat if a storm is predicted. Fortunately, the weather was fine this time and everything worked out perfect.

Språk och kultur

All teaching was in English. I did not experience any cultural differences. All environment is similar to what we have at KI.


No. There was no time for this.


It is rarther exhosting to teach whole day without stop. Next time I shall suggest to split teaching in two days. This will probably allow me to look around too.

Annan verksamhet

Since two  students on the course were involved in joint scientific programs we were able to discuss new joint data which students obtained in the frame of this collaboration.


Karolinksa Institutet and the Department of Neuroscience have a long history of collaborations in teaching programs and research with Åbo Akademi and University of Turku. We share expertise and try to educate our students as good as possible. My trip was in the frame of an extended Erasmus Exchange agreement, Since international student take part in educational programs all teaching is in English although many discussions with teachers and researchers often take place in Swedish. No visum is required.


It is always a pleasure to talk about things you know well and share expertise. I shall certainly plan to continue my interactions with researches and students at the  University of Turku. One student , for example, expressed interest to join my laboratory after defending his PhD thesis in May. Certainly, every time I teach my skills are improving and I  certainly become a better teacher for our student at KI.


We were invited in the frame of the course program "Physical basis of biomedical imaging." Our program included a lecture  “Correlative microscopy techniques,”  practicals lessons and teaching sessions in two groups on genetic approaches for incorporation of fluorescent markers into living proteins, use of the Drosophila model for bioimaging, dissection of Drosophila NMJ preparation, and labeling techniques. There was no difference in the way the information was presented as compared to KI. Since two teachers participated in the program this time we were able to divide students and rotate them between different stations. This certainly increased our efficiency and allowed us to complete the program in one day. 


Our program included a lecture  “Correlative microscopy techniques” (1 hour), practicals lessons and teaching sessions (about 8 hours).