Exchange report - incoming students
Surfers Paradise
Home university: Universiteit Leiden
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2011/2012
Name: Lysanne de Wijs
Email address:

Arrival and registration

I arrived during the Spring break so there was no introduction day as for the beginning of a new semester and unfortunatley there where no students from Global Friends who could pick me uo from the airport. But it went all well. When I arrived I made an appointment with one of the nurses of the student health centre to perform an MRSA test because the information about taking it before my department wasn't clear. I also went to mrs Palmqvist for an introduction conversation. I recieved the KI backpack and an information package about the city and the University. 


I applied for housing through the UAC website, and I got confirmatoin in January which was really nice. The standard and the cost of my accomodation was well balanced. I got a nice small room, it included everything I needed. There was a big kitchen and there where common rooms, so enough space was available outside my room.

Leisure time and social activities

My social life in Stockholm consisted of that with my roommates. They where awesome and we totally experienced Stockholm together. I even didn't need social activities provided by the University or Global Friends. My roommates became my best friends during my stay.  


I choosed to go on exchange  because I wanted to make something more of my studies, besides the regular programme. On the website of KI I saw a fantastic schedule of possible clinical rotations, there was a very wide offer. I contacted my international student coordinator in Leiden and together we emailed Magdalena Palmqvist. Two months later my two clinical rotations where confirmed. I wasn't required to get vaccinated, I only needed to do an MRSA test before my departure.

Courses during the exchange period

ELAXX6 : Surgery 1
It was really good, I had a good time during surgery and saw I lot of different procedures.
ELA003 : Ophtalmology 1


My exchange period at KI was an amazing experience I will never forget. It was a marvelous change to experience a different study system, a different country and I met so many inspiring people. I'm gratefull I got the opportunity to experience this. I learned a lot on many fields of life during my stay.  

Language and Culture

I didn't participate in a Swedish language course because my stay was so short. 

Studies in general

I experienced the Swedish study environment very positive. The relationship between student and supervisor is really easy accessible and friendly. They really have or make time and seemed honestly interested about me. The tried to help with as much as possible and where really enhousiastic in explaining about their field. They where very patient in explaining. I experienced less hierarchy compared to Holland. I experienced a nice and relaxing working climate. The doctors seemed to have less working hours and (night)shifts compared to Holland. They seemed to be less stressed out and more relaxed. They have a very nice balance between working life and social life. The patients did speak English very proper, that's why I could communicate with them on a high level so I could make a great learning curve, which was nice. A learned a lot, not only in my future profession but also of the Swedish study environment and social interaction.