Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Midwifery
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2008/2009
Duration: 22
Email address:


  • The accomodation was organised in a convinient manner and early enough.
  • The standard is enough or okay.

Language and Culture


  • The teaching was conducted in english language.This made it easy for me follow and be fully engaged.I thank the course coordinators and all those whom I worked with including students at  KI and also the international ones.
  • I didnot  experience any major problems with swedish culture .I am very much aware that cultures vary around the globe .I only needed to adjust accordingly in order to fit in very well.For example on time management , keeping right even while walking and walking very fast.

Leisure time

There were some social activities that I attended.These were lovely moments but very few. I would love to be exposed to Sweden through activites like;

  • picnic outside Stockholm
  • Sailing on Sweden water
  • Visiting places llike museums and some historical places with the help of some one from Sweden



It is very  a good exposure because it draws insight in  to what seemed imaginary. It also provides an opportunity to compare cultural practices and them appreciate the different varieties . I have became more culture sensitive  and have also added some thing  to my culture awareness.I also agree to the statement that no culture is better than the other but they just differ .Thanks so much for this opportunity offered to me.

Other activities

  • I visited the antenatal delivery and postnatal areas.
  • In think study visits with some hands on can also be good so that we can compare very well.


I have known about this teacher exchange programme for Midwifery since the initiation of the discussions about it  in 2006. I got to know about the opportunity to come through official communication from the current coordinator for midwifery course in Uganda.

I then started preparing myself in terms of getting the Visa.I also prepared visual aids e.g powerpoint notes for the different presentations .I also went around Mulago hospital and Kampala city taking some photos .These where put on a CD-R  I used during the time of presentation.


There was nothing less good.

  • Something I learnt is that students may have  full charge of whatever takes place for their learning including how time is spent and  teachers have to respect this.


I participated in the teaching through discussions ,demonstrations using models  and presentations.

The teaching methods are similar to those used at my home university i.e Makerere University college of health sciences.The sessions are very interactive and students are ecouraged and given enough time to do preparations.This is also similar to  what is done at home.

What I noticed as a difference is the strictness on time ,especially the time when to stop the day's activities, from the students.The facilitator as to go by the scheduled time.At my home university , a session can go beyond the stipulated time even by more than one hour.

  • I  think that may be relevant or a good behavior because it calls for thorough preparation from the side of the facilitator.
  • But it might also pose some disadvantage in the learning process . The facilitor may be forced to hold on to what they prepared and then limit the time for  the elaborate discussions on the topic at hand,which would help to draw more insight.
  • The relationship between teachers and students is very respectful for each other.This is somewhat  similar to what happens in Makerere university although  we are still in a transtional stage.

Teaching hours

  • It is hard for me to estimate the time very well because the sessions where interactive.Even in sessions where i was not the main facilitator , I would be asked to provide the Ugandan perceptive about it. I attended to almost all the sessions organised by the different facilitators.