Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Occupational Therapy
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2008/2009
Duration: 23
Name: Richard Beene
Email address:


The accomodation was arranged on line through University Accommodation Centre to secure us a double room with my colleague from Makerere University and an agreement of the terms and conditions were sent to her.


The accomodation was good, however i could experience some coldness as if the heaters had a problem. There was also some power interruptions mostly in the morning as this was a crucial time to prepare for the day, it was  quite inconviniencing.


On improving on the standard of accommodation may be i would suggest a standby generator if power goes off, regular check up on the heaters, installing an intercom line in each room in case of any problem, for easy communication to the managers. Increase on the number of channels on the Television set as those currently are braodcasting in swedish, and may be DSTV will be better for soccer lovers to watch some sports games.


However the accommodation was conducive and it was near sodra station were i could easily board the train to KI Huddinge branch via flemingberg station. .


Language and Culture

All the teaching were conducted in English and there was no language barrier. On the swedish culture i appreciated their respect for time, the elderly, pets and the way they groom their young ones to be responsible citizens when they grow.

Leisure time

I had visits to fjÀderholmarna island organised a KI professor and we had a picnic there, also visited three KI teachers in their homes and it was rely exciting.



Other activities

During my stay, i had time to visit Jarvapsykiatrin, Rinkey it was organised by an KI-Occupational therapist who works in that hospital, i admiredmthe whole setting in terms of space, multisectoral collaboration and willingness of staff to be available for patients on time. 

i attended a phd defence and a lecture on Occupational Science.


Before i commence let me take this opportunity to thank Linnaeus palme-cida Government for sponsoring me to come and participate in the exchange program.

The preparation was appropriate and the communication came earlier enough so i had humble time to prepare my presentations, and also process my visa to sweden as it takes some time to get it. I got this opportunity through close interaction with Occupational Therapy school KI -staff  when they came for exchange program in Uganda at Makerere University who opened a way for Occupational therapy School. i was involved in all the meetings they were arranging right from the start. 


This exchange programme was so important in sense that a lot was gained in terms strengthening capacity building in school of Occupational Therapy-Uganda.I appreciated the problem based learning during the teaching were very student had the willingness to present there assignments.


During the presentations it was noticed that students from scandinavian region were more knowledgeable, critical and analytical in whatever was assigned to them compared to the Zambia and Uganda Students.


in our setting, however much were using problem based learning i feel we need to strengthen it so that the student have the willingness to participate actively.


The teaching were properly arranged, the time table was sent earlier to me and i had the preparations in uganda. i participated in Community and home based rehabilitation program, were i taught Assistive technology in Uganda context, ethical dilemmas and participated in the evaluation of the students' learning and the way forward of the course, this was done in the last week of my visit.

Teaching hours

The first week during my stay i was fully occupied on tuesday the all day and wednesday from 9:00am to 11:45am i had my first presentations then thursday was the ascension day and friday was a free day and no activity took place.


The second week was  maximumally utilised, i had my presentations with my colleague  Hellen omare on the ethical dilemmas in relation to community care in Uganda on 25th May, Monday morning followed by  students group discussion in the afternoon. i attended other presentations of my colleagues.


The third week ,i was involved in the preparation and supervision of the students for exams througout the week..