Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Yrkeshögskolan Novia
Study programme: Nursing
Exchange programme: NordPlus
Semester: Spring semester 2011/2012

Arrival and registration

The introduction day was really great, it's pity that I didn't get a chance to see how you lecture in the KI since I was in practical course. However, the lectures given in the first day did give me a clue of how professional and great it might be. Meanwhile, there was always no problem to contact student health care centre. They are kind and thoughtful.


After contact the UAC, the accommondation was offered a month after (just before arrived). Well, it's definitely not easy to get a place to stay in all capitals. So, I would rather say, it was pretty good. And the living cost was rather agreeable.

Leisure time and social activities

I really would love to being there, but unfortunately, I fouced on my pracitse and I wanted to do my best. So, it was a shame I didn't get more time for student social activity.


It was always interesting to investigate things we are not so familar with. And from my preious experience, I am aware of the KI has a high standard education system. Therefore, the KI was my first choice to go on exchange. Basically, it was not a hard issue for me to find out the host institution, KI. After I made decision, I got plenty help. I got clearly instruction and very specific schedule of applicatin. All the processes were well-organised. Then, once the application process completed, as everyone knows, I have nothing to do but waiting. Honestly, waiting period was a little bit annoying. like i said before, nothing to do but wait. Well, personally, as the result, I have to say the waiting was worth. The communication from host institution was really efficient. All asked question were given clearly answers, including accommodation. With the help of scholarship from NORLUS,  nine hundred and thirty euro will be great help with the exchange study in Stockholm. Since I was enrolled in clinical rotations, the vaccinations' certificates were required.


Courses during the exchange period

1EE055 : Somatic Nursing
As my last practise of the study, I developed myself a lot during the limited time. I felt myself been welcomed by the team, they accpeted me and have been very kind to me.
SSKPED01 : Child and adolescents health care - Clinical education
It was fun and interesting. And the same time, it gived me a lot to think. The way I learned previously seems not always the best way to learn. However, I did get myself in with the good supervision and find the proper way to develop myself.


I has been happy I did come over. It's been a amazing exchange experience to there. And I am looking forward to be enrolled in the continued study in the KI. Tack Tack!

Language and Culture

No swedish course attended.

Studies in general


The first week was pretty MESSY, but not as messy as what I ‘expected’. I would say I expected to head for a massive practice, I mean from Finland to Sweden, there're so much different even though they are so closed, how could I image myself manage the practice in my first week here, honestly. However, it gave me so much to think about, I got a lot of surprises such as how well it organized in the ward, and how well healthcare professionals cooperate. What inspires me most is the way supervisor lead me to learn… In past three years, I have been doing all my practice in Finland. Which means I didn’t get many different ways of been supervised. I got used to the way commonly appeared in Finland, teachers are the ones in charge, students got very few chances to think or to digger. However, the way used to teach here is totally fresh for me, students choice what we what to learn and the most amazing part is I can feel my voice is actually heard.  I felt more dependet and I have to say, it felt great, I think that’s the meaning why we do practice. We can’t be taught everything in school, but learn how to digger ourselves and think. I really get myself into this way, it helped me gain much more knowledge in a certain period!  All in all, it was one of my best practise. I really did develop myself during the practise.