Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Turku University of Applied Sciences
Study programme: Nursing
Exchange programme: NordPlus
Semester: Spring semester 2011/2012
Name: Aino Ketola
Email address:

Arrival and registration

All arrangements where good and functional


I lived in J├Ągargatan. I felt it wasa perfect place for me, because I was not a lone. There were a lot of people in a same situation than I was. 

Leisure time and social activities

I did make a lot new friends but I didn't have a lot social activites


I wanted to go away from Finland for a while and to learn more Swedish.  Information was good and sufficient in all sectory.

Courses during the exchange period

SSKKIR01 : Somatic nursing, surgery - Clinical education 2
I did learn a lot because of reading and doing a nurses works, but I didn't have any examinations.


I was pleased to get in a Karolinska Institutet and everything went better than I thought. 

Language and Culture

I didn't have any Swedish course, but I did learn much more Swedish than I first thought.

Studies in general

I was only in internship so I didn't get any theory lectures. However the practice were pretty much same than in my home country. I learned a lot about working in hospital.