Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Turku University of Applied Sciences
Study programme: Nursing (specialists)
Exchange programme: NordPlus
Semester: Autumn semester 2012/2013
Name: Reetta Kiikeri
Email address:

Arrival and registration

I got the information about the first day's arrangements by email 1 week before the excange started. My exhange took place in the middle of autumn semester so I didn't have the opportunity to attend any introduction days. The first day was constructed very well.


I applied for housing in June from UAC and got the answer 1,5 weeks before the excange started in October, so it took a long time and made me worry about the living of course. I arranged with pickup-service for them to deliver my keys to the international coordinator because I wasn't sure I would have the time to pick up the keys at opening hours (a little bit more flexibility in the opening hours would be good!). The coordinator did not have my keys when I arrived there, but luckily I was ahead of schedule and could run to the UAC office to pick them up. It stated in the UAC presentation of housing that my apartment would have wireless internet connection, but it wasn't so. My room mate advised me to buy a wire from the city centre in order for the connection to work.

Leisure time and social activities

As I explained before, I didn't have any contact with other students that were studying the same as me. I was put on a list for Global Friends emails and attended one dinner/get-together arranged by the health division during my stay. The location where I was staying was very quiet aswell, so the social life wasn't very good.


I'm studying a Master's Degree in leadership and development in Finland. I wanted to use the experiences from the exchange period in my future career aswell. The Swedish health care system is much like ours and that's why I chose Sweden. Karolinska Institutet was one of the options given to me and I thought it would be easiest to manage geografically aswell.

Courses during the exchange period

2EE095 : Advanced nursing - clinical education
I am studying a degree in Master's level and I provided teh information about my goals in June for the Institut. I would have needed and hoped for a placement at management or a leader level in order to achieve my goals for the exchange. I was placed in a "normal" clinical rotation placement with newly graduated nurses as my supervisor. I tried my best to get the perspective of leadership by interviewing nad observing especially leaders and the overall organization while taking part in the "regular" nursing duties.


The exchange gave me a lot professionally (for my current job) and my goals from my studying perspective were furfilled to a degree but socially I didn't get as much as I would have hoped for. As a conslusion it was worth while to come, but it could have been better in some aspects.

Language and Culture

I was nearly fluent in Swedish before I came to Sweden so I didn't need to take any language courses while I was there.

Studies in general

I was taking part in a clinical rotation at Karolinska Hospital for 5 weeks. I wish there would have been for example a few lectures combined with the exchange or that I would have been on somekind of a email list for free lectures on health care issues. I didn't get any connection to other students or theoretical studies while I was in Stockholm. Lectures weren't a part of my goals for the exchange but it would have been nice to have had the opportunity to attend if possible.