Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
Study programme: Nursing
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn semester 2012/2013

Arrival and registration

My arrival was arranged very well and I had student from Global friends who picked me up from haven. Introduction day was necessary and I met many nice people who became my friends after that day. I used student health centre just one time when I had my MRSA-test but I have heard that it works well.


I waited two months before I heard that I got apartment from UAC a few weeks before I moved to Stockholm. Living in a student corridor was cheaper than to living in apartment rented from private person. It was more expencive than in Helsinki though. I had a room of 16m2 with toilet/shower and had common kitchen. I think the housing arrangements worked very well for me although I heard that there were many students who didn't have own apartment for many weeks when they arrived. 

Leisure time and social activities

I participated in a few KI's social events. I think there should be more social activities in the beginning of the semester, there weren't so many. I did only clinical trainings so I didn't got any friends from school. From Introduction day I got a few friends with whom I kept in touch frequently during my whole exchange period. I went quite often to other student events and got many friends from there and also via friends. I got few Swedish friends from the corridor I lived but didn't get to know many other Swedish students.


I've always loved Stockholm and studied Swedish at school so I had great chance to improve my language skills and get to know better to my favourite city. Sweden is also so near Finland so I didn't had to bite off more than one could chew. I choose KI because of I had heard so many good experiences of studying in KI. My home university didn't give me much information about exchance universities so I pored over different universities and their demands by myself. 

Courses during the exchange period

SSKLITT01 : Literature Review
Literature review course was quite easy to do by oneself. I had two whole weeks reserved for doing it but I write it during my second clinical rotation also. I met one time the teacher in charge of Literature review and contacted her via e-mail if I had difficulties with the course.
SSKPED01 : Child and adolescents health care - Clinical education
I did my first clinical education in Karolinska University's hospital in Huddinge at children's acute ward. My tutor nurse was also came from Finland but we mainly spoke Swedish. Atmosphere in the ward was warm and I felt welcome. I learned so much more about pediatric nursing and got change to participate widely in multi-professional teamwork. I learned much more about medicating children, how to observe their condition and how to guide parents. I saw many examinations during my time at pediatric ward. There are quite many differences between pediatric nursing in Finland and Sweden although countries are similar.
SSK001 : Nursing of the elderly - Clinical education 1
I did my second clinical education in Karolinska University's hospital in Huddinge at geriatric general ward. After 1,5 month I had learned to speak Swedish well so I had possibility to be more independent and had courage to tell my own aspects. Also in my second placement the working atmosphere was very good so it was easy to adapt to working enviroment. I learned much more about internal diseases, medications, rehabilitation and arranging follow-up treatments.


My enjoyed my whole exchange period. From the beginning I felt welcome and knew what was going to happen next. There wasn't any difficulties with housing or clinical placement arrangements and I felt that I knew who to contact if I had difficulties. Three months went so fast and I spend the best time in Stockholm. I gladly recommend KI for other students who are planning to apply for exchange student.

Language and Culture

I didn't participate in language courses because I had studied Swedish many years at school.

Studies in general

I had just clinical trainings during my three months in Stockholm so I can't tell any differences between my home university and KI. Clinical trainings periods were similar to ones I had had in Finland.