Exchange report - incoming students
kaffe och tobak: franska sjukvårdens bensin
Home university: Universiteit Leiden
Study programme: Biomedicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn semester 2012/2013

Arrival and registration

We were picked up by a Karolinksa host, which helped us with the public transport and our way to our accomodation. The introduction days at Karolinska were great, since you met all the other international students. You also get to know the campus which was great before starting the courses, otherwise I would lost the first day. 


The arrangement were quit easy. You just have to fill in the application form on the internet and they will mail you with your accomodation. I lived in Pax at Vastra Skogen, which was a great room! 18m2 incl. an own bathroom. The kitchen was nice and clean and it was a great place to hang with your corridor mates. 

Leisure time and social activities

I joined the MF, so I went to the amphiox and the Luciaballen, which was an amazing experience. I went to other parties of the MF and ofcourse to the friday pub. I also joined the Global friends event, which was nice, since you met Swedish & international students. 

I went to the information pub, leading to join the MF social dance group. I met a lot of other students there which was great. 

Ofcourse I made some Swedish friends, however I was more in contact with other international students, since they are easier. The swedish people have their own life and we are like to do everything they already did. 
trött lagkamrat


Leiden University and Karolinska Institutet have an exchange program for Biomedicine. I though it was an amazing oppurtunity to study in another country so early in your studies. Moreover, I heard excellent story about Karolinska of previous students, which made my decision very easy. My home university arranged almost everything. We just had to sign the paper and the accomodation, application for KI, everything. The information of KI was also very great, since it describe how and what to if you are in Stockholm.  The study information was clear. We received the link of the KI about the courses. 

Courses during the exchange period

BIOX05 : BACH - Infection and Immunity
The immunology part was very well educated and organized and very interesting. The virology part was a little comparing to the immunology (but that is my taste). The presentation were good though. The bacteriology part was a total mass and the coordinator was aware of this problem, so we did not go really deep into the details. The exams was on the same level as the presentation. The labs were very interesting and nice to work closer with the Swedish students, the same for the project group. I would like to make a suggestion to put more questions concerned the lectures, so the students could be more prepared.
BIOX06 : BACH - Integrative Physiology
The subjects are educated on different levels. Some are very detailed and others are less. This course consist only of lectures, which is a shame. Maybe it is a suggestion to give some answer which the students should be able to answer after the lecture. The labs are less intensive, since it is not graded (well no report) so the environment is less serious. The presentations were a nice way to present a physiological problem, however the schedule was not able till the first day. I think it is better to say the order on forehand. Overall it is a interesting and well organized course.


It was an amazing experience, which will always be in my heart! 
I have met so many new people, which come from all over the world. 
Karolinska has a great study program, so during your stay you could learn, but also enjoy the beauty of Sweden! 

Language and Culture

I did not join, however I still think it is important, since you meet other international students

Studies in general

The Swedish study enviroment was way different then I am used in Leiden, the Netherlands. It felt like the students here are more serious than the students back home. In leiden, we do not have that many lecture, but more seminars, so it was a big switch from seminars to only lectures. After a month you are used to that and I started to appriciated, since I didn't have to much reading work, since everything was told, so I could enjoy more of Stockholm. The students and teachers have a more informtality relationshipp. In leiden we only call our teacher by surename and not by the first name.
glad tysk :D