Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Midwifery
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2008/2009
Duration: 23
Name: Sarah Nakubulwa Muwanguzi
Email address:



This was arranged for us by the international coordinator who linked us to the landlord.

the standards were excellent however the issue of sharing an appartment didnt do us well,especially when the two are of varing personalities it makes life so boring bse one is not freeto do what suites her.


Advice concerning Housing

I would prefer that exchange teachers be given separate rooms  . they could be like the student rooms if not they be given their money to cater for their stay.


Cost of living

This is so high compared to what we get as living expenses. It is my appeal that we are exempted from paying some taxes  since we are here for a short time .


I dont know any useful links



Language and Culture

English .

There were some language barrier especially with some students who could not understand some english words used. The swedish teachers  around would interprete for them.


Experience with swedish culture

It was very intresting to learn that there are many variations with  afew similarities.

Sweden is Peaceful, With an  excellent Transport system. The cites are well planned with adequate space  for parks  there is less noise no trafick jam,the Swedish keep right along the road and we keep left.The swedish express love openly and freely carressing and kissing even on the streets amidst the old or young it is expressed.Time management is very good here unlike in Uganda,Möst of the swedes are so honest  they exercise a high sence  of integrity in every thing they do which is not the like in uganda.


Dressing code is so different  And the climate the seasons make a difference in Uganda theres alot of sunshine and here it can be so cold

Leisure time



It was fun i realy enjoyed leisur time we were invited to attend a students party and also on another ocassion joined the midwifery teachers for a dinner at the head of division.That was superb


We  also walked around  the city and  appreciated most of  the sites. it was very good the buildings are graet and tall



It would be good if the visiting lectureres are given a person to direct them and  atleast help them with using the bus and the train.


Sweden is very expensive and so i could spend the money given without even knowing. But it has been such a wonderful time i enjoyed it .

Other activities

While at  KI   I   visited   Soder Sjukhuset.  We also went with one of the midwife teachers to labour ward, antenatal clinic and  postnatal ward.Research in he various areas in midwifery could be done in other countries like Uganda since we have many mothers giving birth and our hospital is teaching hospital. 



Information Piror to visit

 I got to know about the teacher exchange programe through the head of department  and the midwifery teachers in the school of nursing  and midwifery makerere university, who  had already got  the opportunity  to visit . 


Prearation for the visit

I made sure I come along withsome of of the teaching aids  a flash disk with  power point presentation,Compact disk with Images displaying the practices back home in Uganda,These were prepared in english and some words in my local language however with the translation.




Personally am impressed with the organization and everything  in order and on time. Which is very good for even the students learning




Yes I will change the teaching method especially when dealing with new student in the field. Not to always think that  the students  have an idea of what is being taught. In most cases we assume that the students are so knowledgable.

The way students are handled is excellent ,they have their rights and these should be highly observed.

To encourage the students to do more research and to also explore other types of research methods e.g Literature review.


What was good

1)   Availability of various teaching Aids

2)   Good time management

3)   The class is not too big

4)   Internet and other sources  of information are so available.

5)   Alot of research has been done and approved this gives the students a broader perspective in what they are doing


What was less good

Language barrier made communication with the students not so easy.


Various teaching modes  are used in our university, we use a Problem based method of delivery while at Karolinska the students are lectured.Students in Uganda are given topics to search on and then bring feedback where they discuss in groups and i have observed the sam here.We also let our students attend siminars where they are free to participate. Students do course works which the students at Karolinska also do.Examinations at KI are done once at the end of the course unit but in Uganda it is done twice at the end of the course unit and at the end of the semster.

Teaching hours

Amount of teaching hours  per week                          ---------     6, (2 lesson each covering 6hours)

Amount of lessons                                                         ---------      31 hours

Amount of hours spent on other activities at the      ---------     3 and half hours