Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Occupational Therapy
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2012/2013
Name: Diaz Byaruhanga
Email address:

Arrival and registration

On my arrival to Sweden, i was surprised of a lot of coldness and snow as it was during winter season.
The arrival arrangements were good in that we were able to get access to our accommodation rooms, and also completing the opening of our bank accounts with the help of student international co-ordinator.
The contact with the student health centre was very good because we went there together with our international co-ordinator.


The housing arrangements of KI are excellent in that each student is given his/her own room that is well equipped with students' requirements to use.
I applied for housing through the University Accommodation Centre(UAC).

Leisure time and social activities

I participated in international party with other students and teachers of different professions,and also from different countries. I met new friends, and i also made many Swedish friends.


I came to KI on  student exchange program because i was selected as the best student.
I thought that it would be great to come to KI since KI is the one of the world's leading  medical Universities, and  i also expected to learn and gain more knowledge on my profession from Western perspective that i will transfer to my own country perspective. 
In Uganda, we get immunised when we are still young against major killer diseases in the country.

Courses during the exchange period

AT1X01 : Community and Home Based Rehabilitation - Cultural Perspectives
CBR Course was good in that i was able to learn how culture is important in rehabilitation to community settings especially in countries with many cultures like Uganda and now, i will be able to apply the knowledge that i have acquired in my future practice. The course was also relevant to my degree program.
EAR002 : Clinical rotation 2 for exchange students - occupational therapy
In my clinical practice, i was able to gain more knowledge and skills in; (i) occupational therapy interventions for old people with dementia. (ii) selecting appropriate treatment activities for adults with Autism, mental retardation, developmental delays, among others.
EAR004 : Analyses of literature from an occupational perspective
In this course, i was able to learn how to analyse literature, and reflect it from an occupational perspective. This course was also relevant to my degree program.


My exchange period at KI was educative and enjoyable to me in that i was able to meet my goals.

Language and Culture

I was not able to participate in Swedish language because the study time for the course was convinient for me, However, i learnt some Swedish language while still at my clinical placements with the help of my supervisors. This was very interesting to me, but at the same time challenging as it was my first  time to practice with unfamiliar language.

Studies in general

The Swedish study enviroment is good in that it has good hygienic conditions, well equipped libraries, computers among others. 
My experience with the supervisors and other lecturers was good in that i was able to understand what they were teaching us . My theory and clinical education was good because i was able to apply my theoretical knowledge into practice with the help of my supervisors.
On similarities between KI and my home University is that we all have similar study courses, however, the difference is in practice where KI students are able to apply all their theoretical knowledge into practice because of modern technology that is in Sweden but not in Uganda.
What to be improved: Exchange students should be introduced to Swedish language course before starting their practice, and this will help students to practice well with less/ no difficulties.