Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: University of Dublin - Trinity College Dublin
Study programme: Biomedicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2012/2013
Name: Daniel O'Reilly
Email address:

Arrival and registration

Arrival arrangements were good. The pick up service was very useful however could have been improved by a better knowledge of the locale surrounding our accommodation and more information on how to get to and from accommodation to KI itself.
The introduction day was informative and the cultural awareness section was enjoyable if a bit long-winded!


I applied through UAC and received accommodation in Emmylundsvagen 3. Although the bedroom and ensuite was lovely and just what I required the kitchen was a little too small for the number of people to it.  

Leisure time and social activities

I played Basketball in the KI exam hall every Monday and Thursday and also met up with a number of erasmus students during my time in KI. I felt the availability of social activities were high although I was unable to attend the vast majority due to the nature of my project!
I met a number of swedish people through basketball and hope to remain in contact with them
Regent's Park


I chose to go on exchange to the Karolinska Institutet for a number of reasons. I wanted to broaden my experience of studying abroad, and sweden was quite different from other countries I have studied in. I also wanted to produce a good Bachelor's thesis and I completed that in the CMB with the Spalding lab. Finally KI's world class reputation meant that when the opportunity arose I had to apply for it!
I think the exchange information was good, however there was some miscommunication between KI and my home institution possibly due to this being the first year of the exchange program happening.

Courses during the exchange period

IEE051 : BACH-Biomedical project for exchange students
As noted previously, I enjoyed it immensely and felt I learned a great deal from this course. Supervision was great and teaching was phenomenal.


I rally enjoyed my stay at KI. Small changes in the pick up service (More informative) are all I would suggest!!

Language and Culture

I did not participate in any swedish language courses

Studies in general

I felt my studies went really well while in KI. I was involved in a research project for the entirety of my stay and it was both very interesting academically and practically. I learned a lot more around the topic of obesity and also picked up a number of new lab techniques.
I felt the teaching style in sweden was a lot less didactic than my home institution. I was encouraged at all times to contribute actively to the project and felt it was better for it.