Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Dublin Institute of Technology (Technological University Dublin)
Study programme: Biomedical Laboratory Science
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2012/2013
Name: Trinh Pham
Email address:

Arrival and registration

The arrival arrangement and the introduction day were excellent. The staffs were very helpful and kind


I applied for a student apartment through UAC.

Over all the accomadation was ok but it was a little too crowded. 

I was not very happy about the arrangement UAC had for students to return their keys. I left on sunday morning so therefore I could not return my keys to the accommodation office in KI solna so I was asked by one of the UAC staff to leave my keys in my post box. However, if the keys went missing I had to pay a fine for it, which I thought it was really unfair. 

Its been two weeks already and Im still waiting for my deposit while a classmate of miner already received his deposit last week

Leisure time and social activities

My social live was quite active during teh first month. I went skiing, swimming, exploring Stockholm and have dinner with my friends. 


I decided to go on an exchange programme to gain more experience working in different environment, to learn more about the swedish culture and make new friends. 

The reason I have chosen KI because, 1- they take really good care of exchange students, 2- previouse students were very satisfied with their project and 3- all of my friends picked KI.
The exchange information was very helpful.

No vaccination or certificates were required.

Courses during the exchange period

HBMAX1 : Literature Review Course (Lab Med)
I did not attend any courses


Overall I was fairly happen with my time in sweden.

Language and Culture

i did not participate in any swedish courses

Studies in general

I carried out my research thesis in HERM, NOVUM. I really enjoyed working here, the environment was great and everyone were kind and helpful.