Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Université Libre de Bruxelles
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2012/2013
Name: Serge-Daniel Le Bon
Email address:

Arrival and registration

Introduction day
- Super interesting
- Super reassuring
- Great information

Pick-up service
- Definitely worth it
Angra do Heroismo, sett från Monte Brasil.


- Fantastic location and great facilities (with own bathroom)
- Downside : mixing Erasmus students and PhD/Masters students sometimes made  really poor relationships between the students, resulting in a lack of interest in the common room (ie, the kitchen), which was neglected and very very dirty some times. The corridor where there were almost only Erasmus students allowed them to appreciate the kitchen as a common room for every one, hence the care and the weekly cleaning

Leisure time and social activities

- I liked what was organized by MF for Swedish students (amphiox, gasque)
- Social life in Sweden was very good : Pax, the discovering of Stockholm. 
- The paediatrics course allowed to meet swedish students, which was such a good idea, and the perfect "excuse" to get to know each other. We still keep in touch.
Sao Miguel


Why KI ?
- Learning medicine
- in an excellent and prestigious university
- in Scandinavia which I wanted to discover for many years

- Was perfect, whether it was before or on site.
- It was very reassuring to be taken care of in such a way

Courses during the exchange period

D10X01 : Clinical medicine-emphasis on reproduction and development
ELA005 : Internal Medicine 1


- This has been one of the most interesting, academically and culturally, and happiest moments of my life.
- I have loved living in Stockholm and discovering the Swedish model of life.
- The organization, welcoming, and support from Karolinska was flawless, and made my stay very easy in that respect.
- I was very pleased with the course. 
- I wish our universities could have extended the equivalence for a longer period, trying to integrate another course (like the Surgery one)

Language and Culture

- Very good quality
- I wish I could have done more courses

Studies in general

- I have been extremely pleased with the course, the lectures, the quizzes, the seminars, and the relationships with the doctors and the nurses in the hospital.
- In Paediatrics, Erasmus students were mixed with Swedish students, which was a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other. It was not the case in OBGYN, which I found disappointing.
Studenter i sina uniformer.