Exchange report - incoming students
Vy över Angra
Home university: Universität Wien
Study programme: Public Health Sciences (Master's)
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2012/2013

Arrival and registration

The pick up service from KI was very helpful. The student contacted me about one week before my arrival and picked me up on time. The introduction day was a great opportunity to meet other exchange students and to get to know the campus. It was a very informative event where I could also meet my student coordinator.


I applied for housing in Pax through UAC. They offered me a room for the duration I applied about more than one month before my arrival. I was very satisfied with the room, though the rent was very expensive. It would have been nice to have another common room besides the kitchen.

Leisure time and social activities

I participated in some events organized by global friends. It was a great opportunity to meet other students and to get special tours in Stockholm. I was also on trips, parties and events organized by other exchange students and also by my classmates.
Uppe i bergen


Stockholm was the first choice for my Erasmus exchange semester . First because Karolinska Institute has a great reputation and also former exchange students from my home university highly recommended KI. Furthermore, KI offered all courses in English. The international coordinator from KI provided all important information on time. No vaccinations or certain certificates were required.
Redo för avfärd

Courses during the exchange period

4FH042 : EP-Epidemiological methods for studying derminants of health
This course was the most demanding for me because it was the advanced epidemiology course. Since I did not have any previous knowledge on the topic I had to do some extra reading. I think this course was the most informative and the one where I could learn the most. It was also the first time that I had to do a home exam. I think this was a very good way to apply the information we got through the lectures.
4FH044 : EP-Collecting and organizing data
The requirements for the examination changed during the course which made it a bit confusing at a certain point and very stressful in the end. Besides some organisational problems the course was very practical and informative. I could learn a lot by creating validated questionnaires.
4FH045 : EP-Methods for outcome evaluation of public health intervention
It was very interesting to have many guest lecturer presenting interesting and complex ways on how to evaluate public health interventions. I also enjoyed the lectures by Rosaria Galanti. She has lots of experience and her lectures were very informative.


My exchange semester at KI was a unique experience. Everything was very well organized. I will benefit from the academic knowledge offered and the whole experience of studying abroad and  I really enjoyed the international atmosphere in Stockholm.

Language and Culture

I did not attend a Swedish language course because I felt that 3 hours two times per week were too much at the beginning.

Studies in general

I really enjoyed my time at the Karolinska Institute. The teachers were very friendly and helpful. They were very supportive and especially in the first course they were very helpful and always asked me if I had any problems to follow the course. My classmates were also very supportive and involved me in activities inside and outside the classroom. The way of teaching is very different from my home university. Lectures are more like seminars where you have a lot of discussions in small groups and many presentations. The courses are only for a small class of about 25 people. I really enjoyed this way of teaching because you get the chance to discuss the topics within the class.