Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Nursing
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Autumn semester 2009/2010
Name: Ingvar Sanyu
Email address:

Arrival and registration


On arrival, I was received by one of the Global friends student at the airport. It was a good arrangement because it made it easy for me to get ready for the semester.


Was helped with securing my scholarship, opening a bank account and more information was received on the introduction day with all the other students. It was a good ocassion because I got to learn about the swedish culture and had less cultural shock when i got into the communities.


I had a private arrangement for accomodation. I had contact of family friends.

Leisure time and social activities

Had many social events organised by KI especially the Global friends that always sent e-mails about coming events. Tours around the city, get together parties including the party at City Hall, the museum and the presentation about different universities.


I made many Swedish friends through the events that we shared and even from other countries. Events should continue because they make students feel home away from home.


Am Ingvar from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. At the University, a notice was put asking for applications to go for the exchange program and I did because I had heard alot about KI from my friends that had already been there before. So also wanted to have the experince that they always shared with me.


When applying, everything was fine online because all the questions that I asked the coordinator, had te answers sent to me and that made my application so easy.


I understood every information I received from KI because it is well laid down online and all the programs well set.

The welcome package was good and I knew all that I was to do before I arrived at KI and more was given on the introduction day.


Had no problems with housing arrangements, I personally had family that I stayed with but all my other colleagues had to tell me that housing arrangements were fine especially the system of entrance into the hostels and departure. They are also so secure.


Support service was good and every one was willing to help me when ever I needed some help especially information about stockholm and the web for research.

Courses during the exchange period

SSKLITT01 : Literature Review
It was a good course for me since I love research. As nurses we need to have newest information about care for patients which we can only do through literature review. Had full contact with my supervsor but it was given little time and was limited on the number ofarticles to review and references.
SSKPED01 : Child and adolescents health care - Clinical education
Was given amle time and liked how children's rights are respected and ungulfed in their care. They are involved in their own care which we don't do in my country and the inclusion of play therapy that helps in theirvrecovery. Was not impressed by the fact that the ward i was attached to, had only cases of renal, gastro and haematlogybut there was alot to learn like the central venous line catheters and how to relieve pain in children with Emla cream or glucose.
SSK003 : Emergency care - Clinical education
Not much was done in emergency practicaly but theoretically because we hardy got seroius cases that actually required emergency care. I received cases of varicella, pneumonia, diarroea and others were children with known congenital abnormalities that just came for review.
SSKX02 : Somatic nursing, surgery - Clinical education 1
It was my best course for the period and loved my participation in the perioperative nursing care. Liked the way patients for elective surgery are handled with their appointments but were not given enough time to do evaluation of the outcome ofcare because they were in hospital for a short time. Had enough and good teachers.


Generally the exchange period was good for me except for the weather which is natural and nothing can be done about it.


I wish the program is extended to more and more students so that a lot is learnt if we are to improve the care we give to our patients. There should be arrangements to meet the students of KI to meet with exchange students at KI for the same program so as to learn more about the curriculum and how they are assessed.


Thank you so much for every thing that was done to make my stay a success. Another invitation is welcome.

Language and Culture

I attended the swedish for beginners for 5 weeks but the problem was that it was always late in the evening when I was tired from the ward and the teacher was not good at english and so we sometimes didn't know what to do or failed in the translation. The language was also not teaching what to use in the hospital and the next course was to be paid for and was charged highly so I didn't attend. Was impressed that I learnt some language to use.

Studies in general

All my programs/courses that i had enrolled for at KI were clinical except for the literature review which I had contact with a supervisor/teacher and she was good and directed me very well.


The study environment is so condusive and good space in the library and with enough resourse for private reading. The teachers on the wards are fine but the problem is some didn't want to speak English and so sometimes got limited on who to teach me but all went well. The student-patient relationship was good for me especially those that i could communicate with and gives alot to llearn especially when you put the theory into practice.


There is a good relationship between the theory and practice in that the ideal care is given as we read it in theory and i attribute this to the resources compared to my country. The practice is ideal to say.


Both KI and my University use clinical education intergrated with in the  student teaching. The main difference is the resources that KI has more and better resources than my University,


KI has bigger hospitals but my home University has one but big hospital with all departments in it, its bigger than any of KIs and with alot many more patients.


There is need to have KI teachers on the wards sometimes to supplement on the staff of the hospital and also do direct or observation assessment of the students.