Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Fudan University
Study programme: Medical Informatics
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Autumn semester 2009/2010
Duration: 37
Name: Zhiping XU
Email address:


Thanks for the arrangement by the administration office from KI, I stayed in apartment 1 at Jagagatan 20 at Karoliska Institutet’s flat near Soderskuhuset. It was a very nice accommodation with the kitchen and accessibility to the Pendaltorg train station (Stockholm Sodra) that connects directly to Karolinska Institutet at Huddinge. Many thanks to International Office for that arrangement.

Language and Culture

Teaching was in English and language was not a barrier among students. The most part Swedish culture are on good terms with my Chinese culture.

Leisure time

There were no social activities arranged.


The teacher exchange program is good for exchange thoughts and ideas among Chinese University's teacher and KI's teacher . I feel that this project  should be continued and add more items like that teaching material co-authoring, etc.

Other activities

I had enough oppurtunities to do study visits, discuss about research activities and was impressed by the research inclination of the faculties both from KI and KTH. I very much think about future collaborations in Infomation Science.



I knew about the existing agreement between Karolinska Institutet and Fudan University, then the administration office of school of computer science told me of the possibility of application, I thought it would be a great possibility for me to get involved with a different and prestigious setting of work such as KI.

Preparation however is not very easy to follow. Because, the embassy in shanghai asked me to provide the original paper form of invitation letter, so it took a long time waiting for this paper. I searched whole internet about the requirements for exchanging and the activities I was supposed to carry out.


The teacher exchange program gave me an opportunity to explore the possibility of pursuing collaborating with Karolinska Institute & KTH in the future. We could have more project cooperation more than teaching.


Nov 3 ~Nov 19

I first contact with KI people to know the detail of teaching schedule. Then, I was told the course will be given to both KI and KTH students about Image Processing based on Matlab. The course will take a session period from Nov. 20 to Nov. 30. So, I had to alter my course which had prepared in China to fulfill in the 10 days time table.


Nov 20~No 30: I give lectures to the students about “Image Processing using Matlab”, in order to enhance the effect of teaching, I also established a Lecture website for the lecture session in the following URL:

Teaching hours

The teaching timetable is as follows:

Nov 20


       10:15-12:00  Matlab Fundamentals(1)

       13:15-15:00  Matlab Fundamentals(2)

Nov 23


        10:15-12:00  Matlab Fundamentals(Advanced Graphic & GUI)

        13:15-15:00  Intensity Transformation and Spatial Filtering

Nov 24


        10:15-12:00  Frequency  Domain Processing

        13:15-15:00  Image Restoration

 Nov 25


        10:15-12:00  Color image processing

        13:15-15:00  Morphological Image Processing

Nov 26-27

(Thursday, Friday)

          8:15-17:00     Mini Project Lab

Nov 30



          Project Presentation


The totol amount of teaching hour is: 25 hours

Lessons & Seminar hours percentage: 28%

Lab & Guide Hours percentage:  64%

Student presenation Hours percentage:  8%