Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Fudan University
Study programme: Medical Informatics
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2009/2010
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Arrival and registration

I have to admit the staffs worked in KI and UAC are so considerate that they'd provided almost all the invaluable information for survival including communication, transportation and shopping markets. And I'm very satisfied with the arrangements and be happy to live and study here.


In fact, before I came to Stockholm with my co-worker, everything had been put into place. I mean, UAC did help a lot to solve a big problem for us. However, the first month here is not so nice as I have expected cause the room is on rennovation when I came here. And Almost every early morning you can hear the noise made by the drills. After these weeks' suffer, everything turned out to be so nice. I geniunely enjoyed living in PAX

Leisure time and social activities

Since our research program is in case of emergency, I cannot spare time on social programmes and have to focus on research job in our most time during the stay in KI. However, I did make a lot of friends in KI in the corridor of LIME. I got more chance to contact those PHD students and professors, some are from Pakistan, some are from Italy, some are from other Nordic countries. Anyway, this is a pleasant time to be with them. 


To tell the truth, before I stepped on the soil of this amazing land, I knew almost nothing about this remote country which locates close to the North Pole. But I'm that kind of ones who have a great enthusiasm to compare and contrast the culture and customs between asian countries and western countries. That's one of the reasons why I go on exchange study in Sweden, just to explore more interests about this fascinating and mysterious land. In addition, in my opinion, KI is a very famous university which awards Nobel Prize for Medical/Biology and bio-informatics happens to be one of the research field in my lab, that's why I chose KI instead of other universities in Sweden such as KTH or SU.


Courses during the exchange period

2EE040 : Project
As I've noticed in Studies section, the only course I picked up in KI is Swedish language course. There are fewer students in a class, which implies you will get more chances to practice and communicate with other students.


In my opinion, it is a cheerful time in my life. I made some foreign friends, experienced the different life and culture. I had to admit it is really a great time here.

Language and Culture

I did participate in the Swedish language course and enjoyed it a lot. Compared to the language courses offered in China, there are only a few students in a class in Sweden, which implies you've got more chances to pratice speaking and take part in some interesting games. And since this is the only class I've taken here (I came here for a research program and actually when i came here in May, it's totally impossible to select any other courses), that explains why the course has given me such a deep impression.

Studies in general

As opposed to the study environment in China, it provided me a more flexible and comfortable one in KI. When I reached KI, I had missed the chance to pick up courses. And the only course I can take is Swedish language course. But it is very interesting and I felt the great differences behind the Chinese education and western one.