Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: University of Dublin - Trinity College Dublin
Study programme: Physiotherapy
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn semester 2012/2013
Name: Alexandra Murphy
Email address:

Arrival and registration

We were met by a student at the bus station and she brought us to our accommodation. I found this very helpful.
There were really big queues in the health centre for the swabs, and it took a long time before we were seen.
The introduction day was great. I met lots of new people who turned out to be great friends of mine ever since.


We applied through UAC and were lucky enough to be put in Pax. The standard of housing was good. The rooms were well equipped and spacious.  I would think it would be better to have all the Erasmus students in the one building/same floors. My floor had no Erasmus students so initially it was more difficult to get to know people. I did have to email the UAC twice to complain about our corridor, there were people sharing rooms and more people living in the corridor than there should have been. By the time we had left this issue had still not resolved and I found this unacceptable.

Leisure time and social activities

Yes made Swedish friends through our clinical placements. Excellent social activities and parties at KI - amphiox parties, day trips etc.


My home university, Trinity College Dublin is linked to KI so that is why i chose to go to Sweden on Erasmus.
Additional vaccinations were not required. The exchange information was sufficient. I emailed the students who had been the year before and I found their advice particularly helpful.

Courses during the exchange period

1EE020 : Literature review
We were allowed to use our own topic and were given lots of freedom.
1EE016 : Clinical rotation 2.1 for exchange students - physiotherapy
Excellent tutors and facilities. I gained a lot of clinical experience.
1EE017 : Clinical rotation 1 for exchange students - physiotherapy
Excellent tutors and facilities. I gained a lot of clinical experience.


I had a brilliant time during my exchange period at KI. I learned and gained so much clinical experience. I gained confidence in dealing with abstract situations. I made wonderful friends which I will continue to keep in contact with. I learned about Swedish culture and got to see the many beautiful sights of Stockholm. Overall, it was an excellent experience.

Language and Culture

No official language course.

Studies in general

Our Erasmus consisted of two clinical placements. I was really impressed with the Swedish healthcare system.
Our tutors were very approachable and informative. The patients were very tolerant of speaking english. I really learned a lot about different treatment techniques and facilities.