Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Universitetet i Oslo
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn and spring semester 2012/2013

Arrival and registration

My impression of the introduction day was very good. We got information about KI, the studies and facilities of the university, even options for work out was presented. 
During the introduction day we got help to get access cards to the school, library card and the school web site. I really appreciated that help. 
The contact with the student health care center worked very well.
I really recommend everybody to participate on the introduction day, you get help with practical things and useful information. Also you get to know the other exchange students. 


I arranged for private housing that I got with help from own contacts. I was offered a place to stay from the university very early after applying to the exchange program which I think is very good. My impression of the housing arrangement is positive after what I have heard from other exchange student living there. They got very god contact with other exchange students which is good if you donĀ“t know anybody in Stockholm from before. Also my impression of the standard and cost of housing is very good. 

Leisure time and social activities

I did not participate in any social activity. But I got offered to participate and it seems like many social activities was arranged. The information about the activities was very good. I made many Swedish friends in my course. 


I choose this exchange because I wanted to study in Sweden and also I had heard a lot of good evaluations the Karolinska Institution in Stockholm. 
I got very good information from KI as well as from my home university.The exchange was very well arranged by both KI and my home university. 
I was not required to be vaccinated but I was required to be tested for MRSA and that was arranged by KI. I did not have to bring any certificates. 
I felt very welcome when arriving to KI and I was even offered to get meet up and transfered when arriving to Stockholm.

Courses during the exchange period

D9XX01 : Clinical Medicine- Neuro, Senses and Psyche
I am very pleased with this course, all the supervisors and teachers. I learned a lot. The only thing I can think of to improve is to give the exchange students an access card and access to Take Care during the course of Ears, nose and throat at Huddinge Hospital.
DVPX03 : Research oriented project, 12 w
I am very pleased with my research orientated project and my supervisor. I learned a lot. I got all helt I needed to perform and finish my project.
ELAX15 : Oto-Rhino-Laryngology 1
I am very pleased with this course. I have learned a lot. All supervisors have been very kind, helpful and eager to teach.
ELA005 : Internal Medicine 1
I am very pleased with this course. I learned a lot. I got the chance to consultate patients and write medical journals on my own.


I am very pleased with my exchange period at KI and I can not think of anything I wish had been arranged different. 

Language and Culture

I did not participate in any Swedish language course during my exchange. 

Studies in general

My impression of the studies at KI is very good and I learnt very much. The Swedish study environment is arranged very well and everybody, as well as your class mates and doctors you meet are very helpful and there is a very good and welcoming atmosphere. The relationship between student and teacher as well as between student and patient was very good as well. The teachers was helpful and kind. 
The courses I contributed in consisted in an introduction of theory and then a lot a clinical education which I appreciated a lot.
In contrast with my home university I got a bigger chance to see and contribute in the hospital work and learn routines and practice clinical skills. The studies at KI were more focused on clinical education than learning details of theory, which I appreciated. 
I am very pleased with the exchange studies at KI and can not think of anything that needs to be improved. I learnt how more about the doctors role and how to apply my knowledge of medicine in the meeting with patients.