Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Semmelweis Egyetem
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2012/2013
Name: Melinda Fabian
Email address:

Arrival and registration

The arrival was also well organised. One student was waiting for me at the bus station, she took me to the dormitory, I got all the papers and information from my coordinator; they offered me  the free language course ( I had the lesson two times a week for five week).
And also they gave me the contact information about the  student health care work.
Från -15 till +30 på 24 timmar.


I applied for the accomodation through UAC, it was really easy. I applied for Jagargatan, Strix and Pax, on the first place I put Jagargatan and fortunately I got it.
Well, the dormitory was ok, my room was not that  big, we shared the kitchen, bathroom , toilets, but it was OK. The kitchen was well furnished.And the view from the window was really nice! There was a lake next to the dormitory, there was a possibility to run.

Utsikt från lägenheten vi hyrde!

Leisure time and social activities

Well, most of the trips were organized by ourselves ( we organized 2 boat trips to Riga and Tallin).
But it was  a pleasure that KI organized for students one trip to Helsinki, together with the teachers, it was amazing!
Global Friends organized us quite a lot programmes. I was determined to make Swedish friends, but I think they are quite introvert (according to this I made just two). Otherwise they were really kind and helpful.


I chose the option to go for exchange because I think it is a really great experience to study abroad , to meet new people, to be involved in a new culture and university life.
I have heard from my friends about Karolinska, who were there and they were impressed about the practical education and they told me it is a gorgeous option to be at KI as an exchange student.
I got a lot of information about KI befrore I was there, also from my university and also from my coordinator from KI.
Well, the one thing that I had to do was the MRSA screening at KI, no more.

Courses during the exchange period

ELAXX6 : Surgery 1
In Huddinge. I could choose between operating theatre, outpatient clinic, ward or emergency room to stay. I also spent one week at Trauma Department and one day at Plastic Surgery. Well, in operating theatre I assisted, at outpatient clinic I examined the patients, checked the blood pressure. At Emergency there were so many cases ( I sewed, did the physical examination, RD examination etc). At the end of the rotation I had to work a project work about one Surgery topic.
ELA005 : Internal Medicine 1
In Solna. It was divided for two courses: Emergency and Gastroenterology.At Emergency there were a lot of cases, the discussions were on Swedish but afterwards we discussed all the cases in English. I met so many patient; I examined them, took the blood samples from veins and arteries, used Doppler Ultrasound, thoracic ultrasound,put a lot of IV etc. At Gastroenterology mainly I stayed in endoscopic lab, the Gastroenterologist explained a lot about the different cases. My supervisor organized me one week in a private hospital to stay, there was just me as a student so they had more time to explain me.
ELA004 : Paediatrics 1
In Södersjukhuset ( SÖS). I really enjoyed it! It was very well organised.I had a schedule, and I met almost every day with different doctors. I stayed at Emergency, ward, maternity ward, Neurology, Gastroenterology outpatient, ward mainly with infectious diseases etc. We had 3 seminars with different topics together with Swedish students, we had to prepar for them, my supervisor asked questions.Also we had one whole day with theoritical education in English. I examined so many children at Emergency. Actually I could not speak to children but their parents knew English perfectly, so the problem was completely solved. I was trying to make own decisions when I got my own patients, afterwards we discussed together with the doctors, but first I went alone to children to examine them and took the anamnesis.I also wrote some patient's data in computer in Swedish. I studied the basic medical Swedish, my doctor corrected it. At the end of the rotation I had to make a presentation about one interesting case that I had on my own.


All together it was a pleasure for me to spend 3 months in Sweden. I can say that Sweden is a great country also for studying, working.
I am planning to come back. I can tell you as a good advice that it can be much more easier if you start studying Swedish before arrival. I made a lot of international friends during Erasmus.
Eventually, it was a gainful training; my practical skills improved in patient care, medical attendance, also I made a lot of friends.And Stockholm is a wonderful city to discover!

Language and Culture

I regret one thing: that I did not start my Swedish classes at home.I took the course for beginners at KI. My teacher was really good, I felt that the classes were useful.
So I was completely satisfied with the course, also we got the book for free.

Studies in general

I did three rotations at KI ( Internal Medicine, Surgery and Paediatrics). The hospitals were really well equipped, and really clean. I was surprised because the doctors were so kind to us, we had a really good relationship, they accept us as colleges. As I wrote I had clinical practises, so actually there was not that many  theoritical education ( except Paediatrics) but if we were curious or we asked something everybody was helpful and explained a lot.
The education system at KI  is completely different from my university ( we have mixed timetables, lectures and practises as well during one week). The one similarity is that we also have rotations just in our sixth year.
Mainly I learned practical things ( take blood samples ( from veins and arteries as well), use Doppler, thoracic ultrasound, to sew, and examined a lot of patients , mainly children.
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