Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: University of Toledo
Study programme: Occupational Therapy
Exchange programme: INK
Semester: Spring semester 2012/2013

Arrival and registration

I was very impressed with the Global Friends team that handled my arrival. The student who picked up my keys and met me at the station was great! He was very kind to help me buy my metro card and to show me the grocery store.

My introduction to all the staff was great and I felt very welcome.

After taking a bus from Solna to Huddinge, we had to have an ID card made before we took the MRSA test. The health centre visit was very short and the staff was helpful and kind. That was a smooth process.


I stayed at Pax and really liked the location (it is steps away from Vastra Skogen on the blue line) and an 11 minute bus ride to the University Hospital. Solna is a nice, clean, safe city.

My neighbors were a bit loud and messy for medical students but the amazing friends I made countered the noise and the mess. The room was much larger than I expected.

It was very easy to apply for housing and I thought the housing was reasonably priced considering how expensive the private housing was.

Leisure time and social activities

I did not receive the Global Friends email about a paddle bard event that other students received but - I socialized with many, many Erasmus students in my apartment building.

I met Swedish friends at work and they taught me a lot about the Swedish culture and customs. I was always encouraged to explore new parts of Stockholm and to ask any questions. My co-workers even made me try traditional Swedish food that they prepared and brought especially for me.

I also had the opportunity to join the Midsommar celebrations at the Hospital!


One of the reasons I wanted to go on exchange was to learn more about socialized healthcare. KI has an excellent international reputation and I thought it was a great opportunity to learn about the healthcare system from the best. I also dreamed of traveling to the Nordic countries so this was a great opportunity all around.

The exchange information was fine, I thought my home university and KI were very honest in what the expectations were. Former exchange students shared information with me at my home university. The staff at KI was also very responsive to all my questions and went above and beyond to help me with having my application delivered.

My home university required the standard medical screening on its end but KI had students complete a MRSA test upon arrival. it would be helpful for students to understand that the Huddinge Campus is far away from the Solna campus but the free bus makes it very easy to reach Huddinge.

Courses during the exchange period

EAR001 : Clinical rotation 1 for exchange students - occupational theraphy
Course: Clinical rotation 1 for exchange students - occupational therapy


I had a great experience during my exchange at KI. The staff was great, my supervisors were great, and Stockholm was great.

It took some time getting used to a slower pace but I especially enjoyed my Fika!

Thank you (tack) for a wonderful experience! I wish it was a bit longer!

Language and Culture

Sadly, I did not participate in any formal language courses, but I thought the language was easy to learn and i tried to speak as much Swedish as possible. The staff was very helpful in helping me learn a new language. 

Studies in general

I really enjoyed my clinical rotation. The entire team was welcoming and very supportive. I felt right at home from the first day. The team not only helped me to develop my clinical skills but they definitely helped me learn more about Stockholm and Swedish culture. They were amazing!

I learned so much and they provided me with a lot of learning opportunities and appropriate learning challenges. I have a great deal of respect for the occupational therapist's at the Centrala location.

I think my supervisors are a lot more flexible and open-minded than any others I have ever had at my home university, they were very forgiving of mistakes.

I liked how they used current textbooks as references/resources throughout the treatment.