Exchange report - incoming students
Jag tog en sväng till Påskön, världens mest isolerade men bebodda ö.
Home university: Universitetet i Oslo
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2012/2013
Name: Silje Vassbotn Skaara
Email address:

Arrival and registration

It was good to meet other students at the introduction day, and it was well organized. I only visited the student health centre once for a MRSA test. 
La Moneda Santiago


I applied for an housing through the University Accomodation Center. The standard at Pax was quite good, and I was satisfied. However, we had to stay at an hotel the first days because we could not get our rooms before our first lecture day. 

Leisure time and social activities

Most of my social activities were together with other international students attending medicine and people I got to know at PAX. I got several e-mails concerning social activities, but only attended climbing once. I made several swedish friends since I attended the swedish course.
Ridtur i Anderna


I chosed KI because it is  well-known as a good university with high ranking.  The swedish and norwegian clinical wards are quite similar, so I knew it would be easy to use my knew knowledges in Norway as well. The information from my home university and KI was good. 

Courses during the exchange period

D10X01 : Clinical medicine-emphasis on reproduction and development
I attended the swedish courses. Had one introduction week with genetics. Then 6 weeks of pediatrics and 6 weeks of gynecology. In both courses we started with one introduction week. Then clinical duty from monday to thursday, and lectures every friday. Alle the teachers (doctors) were nice and very including. The courses felt very relevant, and they were well organized.


Overall I am very pleased I went to KI, and had a great time in a beautiful city and a great learning outcome. 
Utsikt över Santiago från en kulle där jag gjorde "Paragliding"

Language and Culture

I attended the swedish courses, and did not participate in any language courses.

Studies in general

I was very satisfied with my studies at KI. Had a lot of clinical work, and lectures only once a week. Almost all the teachers (doctors) were very nice and included the students in a very nice way. Due to all our clinical work I had a great learning environment and a good learning outcome. 
Den medicinska fakulteten