Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Universiteit Leiden
Study programme: Biomedicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn semester 2013/2014
Name: Ingeborg Ganeff
Email address:

Arrival and registration

I arrived in the end of September, so I did not go to the Introduction day. Again, because I've been here before, I didnt have to get the information. I did not have contact with the students health centre. 


When I first heard I would be situated in Jägargatan, I was not happy. I lived in Pax before and thought that was an amazing accomodation and having your own bathroom is nice. But having cleaners 5 times a week and nice flatmates, I am happy I ended up in Jagargatan. It is more central in the city and between Solna and Huddinge the traveling is not too long. The small rooms are compensated by a big living room, a study room and enough showers (at least on the first floor of the building). The prices are fair, considering the cleaners are there 5 times a week. 
Typical scotish architecture

Leisure time and social activities

I did a lot of social activities. First you have the global friends organizing a lot of fun things (visiting musea, going ice skating, laser gaming), and then I had a really active class doing a lot of fun things as well. We booked a weekend in Solvik at the MF and almost all master students joined for a nice get together outside of the city. I did make a lot of Swedish and international friends. 
In the Highlands, near Glen Coe


I've been to Stockholm before during my bachelor's of Biomedicine. This was an arranged exchange for six months and I was situated in Pax, one of the student accomodations. The time I spend in Stockholm four years ago was amazing and on the way back to the Netherlands, I decided I would come back during my masters. After a lot of planning I applied for the course Translational Medicine, 22 ECTS, for my elective courses. There were more applications and not enough spots to accept all, but luckily I was accepted into the course. I must say that I did not read a lot of information provided because I remembered most things from four years ago. Becasue I do Biomedicine I did not have to get any vaccinations before going to Sweden. 
Last days in Stockholm: enjoying the last warm summer days and saying good-bye to friends

Courses during the exchange period

4BI069 : MAS-Frontiers in Translational Medicine
This course was a little bit different then I expected. It was divided in five main topics: Immunity, Cardio vascular ,Neurology, Cancer and Infections and tested in two exams. Also, there were five journal clubs, one for each subject. I had expected more clinical education considering the title is translational medicine. However, most was theoretical and explanation of the mechanisms. The only part of the course covering both was Neurology. However, I did learn a lot during this course. It was a lot of repetition for me, but with a lot of examples of the research going on nowadays and how they try to develop new tests, vaccines and other ways to diagnose or treat diseases. The quality was different every day, not every lecturer was that good and they did not know what the other lecturers were going to talk about, which resulted in more repetition.


I like studying at KI and also love Stockholm. This was my second time in Sweden and I am sure I will be coming back for either an internship, a PhD or work. I encountered no problems during my stay, not with the studies nor with the accomodation. 

Language and Culture

I tried to do a Swedish language course, but for the Intermediate course there were not enough people so they cancelled it.

Studies in general

I studied here for 4 months, doing one course for my masters. Studying in Sweden is a little bit different from studying back home, because the focus is different. In Holland it is important to apply your knowledge. In Sweden present knowledge is considered most important. So where in Sweden they learn the facts, we in the Netherlands are allowed to look them up but get more in-depth problems to solve. Both ways of studying have their up and down sides. I think it is good to have been able to study in both ways. 
Studying in the swedish café near Meadows park