Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Physiotherapy
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2009/2010
Duration: 22
Name: Helen Omare
Email address:


I asked for accomodation on student corrider rooms, they were clean quiet and wide enough for my comfort. the only problem was in the kitchen where some student were negligent at leaving their  utensils unwashe and and left them in the sink or table. Others were fine. Not many suggestions at present. grade 5

Language and Culture

The teaching language was English and we also spoke to colleagues in it. The problem was when travelling and met other people

incase I wanted to ask for some information/guidance or announcements made in train. which was mainly in Swidish. These were

There was no problem with the feeding/type of food.

Leisure time

Yes I visted most of my colleagues'  Summer homes, had dinner and good time with their families! They sugest aboad ride away from Stockholm nest time. I felt so much at home!



Other activities

I visited one of the Physiotherapy clinic, moved around and was shown the arrangement, the various apparatus used in rooms, met the colleages and observed a ssessment and treatment of  a patient with shoulder stiffness following surgery. I also went out with colleagues to music/operas show and walked  through different parts of Stockholm.  I attended agrand graduation of one of the Doctorates and it was marvallous!. The collboration has established a strong relationship beyond just academics, but has also grown into a  strong personal relationship with friends.


As the incharge on the Physiotherapy school in Uganda with which Korolinsaka Instiutet was collaborating, I received an invitation

to teacher exchage programme from May 15th - June 2010 . I did not have mauch material to prepare except my personal belongins

and lecture material that I was to present.


There were quite a number of things to reflect on:

  • the importance of well equiped libray for student reference and study
  • the use of pictures as part of the  teaching points using power point
  • the advantage of involving lecturers of relevant specialities in topics concerned


The common teaching activities and methods are those that promote student-centred learning. This means short lecture presentation and more of group discussion, case presentation, coursework assignments and examinations. The short dfuration did not enable me to have seminar attendance.

These teaching/learning approaches are similar to those practiced at our school with a goal of finally being able to practice problem-and evidence-based practice to manage the patients.

Teaching hours

Since I have both administrative and teaching responsible, I teach for 8 hours in a week, 4 lectures per week. I personally do not carry much of clinal student supervision. This role is done by more of the senior physiotherapists at the hospitals with 2 of our school teachers.