Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Universitetet i Bergen
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn semester 2013/2014

Arrival and registration

The arrival day was very well organized. The program was not very relevant for scandinavians, but it was good to meet the other exchange students before starting with courses. It was also good to have some days to fix the essential things such as identity cards etc.The Health center was very helpful and efficient.  


I Applied for housing through KI housing, and received a student accommodation room through them. I lived in Jägargatan, which is a big facility with loads of foreign students located very centrally at södermalm in Stockholm. It is also right next to Söder Sjukhuset, one of the university hospitals. I was very happy with the accommodation, mostly because it was cheap and centrally located. The standard was fine, the internet connection awful, and you have to share the kitchen and bathroom with 6-10 people. But all in all a great place to stay for a short period of time.

Leisure time and social activities

In my swedish class they were all on their next to last semester. They had all known each other for five years, and were soon done, so most of them did not initiate big social contact. But they were still very open and welcoming, i never felt alone and always had someone to lunch with. I also made some swedish friends, that i met outside of school. Most of my social life was with other exchange students that i met in my housing facility.


I wanted to go on an exchange year because i wanted a new experience, a new city and to experience a new university. I had heard many good things about KI, and that is why i chose to apply. KI has a very informational and tidy home page. When i had questions, the exchange coordinator always responded quickly. I also got good information on the application process from my home university. I needed a MRSA vaccine upon arrival, which was all organized by KI. I did not need any certificates.

Courses during the exchange period

D10X01 : Clinical medicine-emphasis on reproduction and development
The best thing with my while exchange experience was the quality of the courses. i was blown away by the courses and the competence of the doctors teaching us. Clinically i have never experienced the same amount of follow up. Theere was always someone to ask, the students were always a priority. The doctors in the hospital environment all knew when they were responsible for a student, and took the task seriously. I never felt ignored or in the way, as i often do at my home university. Once a week there is also a case- based seminar, which proved to be very valuable. I attended Utveckling och Reproduction (reproduction and development) which contains pediatrics, gynecology, Obstetrics and genetics.


I am overall very satisfied with my exchange year. I would recommend it warmly to everyone.

Language and Culture

No, I speak Norwegian

Studies in general

The studies were very good. karolinska is known for a good study environment and a high level of quality, and i was not disappointed. The professors all have a high level, as well as being good teachers. There was little theory in comparison to my home university, but all the essentials were covered. The focus was not too specialized. I was very happy with the studies.