Exchange report - incoming students
Jag och plastikkirurgerna på UCLA
Home university: Università Degli Studi di Firenze
Study programme: Nursing
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2013/2014

Arrival and registration

The student health centre worked very well because I went there and in 10 minutes they did me the screening and they camed me about the outcome and my future appreticeships. The introdution day was very clear and they help us to do the KI card. Everyone was very king and willing.

Utanför sjukhuset


I applied with the website KIHousing, they find the perfect house for me. It is a little bit expensive but very clear and confortable. all furnishing were new and there are also space for some hosts. KIHousing did a very good work!


Leisure time and social activities

The access to informations about events and social life is very good. I think that there must be more activites above all during the week end, like party, dinner, walking around the city… I partecipare to dance (salsa e bachata) and I really enjoy it because I can meet new friends and dance. I don’t know swedish peopole but only international students.

Cykeltur längs vattnet


I chose to go on exchange to expand my knowledge on my future profession,nursing. I chose KI because in Italy it is famous between students and nurses to be innovative and update. KI and my university gave me lots of information about the hospitals, my courses, and customs to be quiet and to enjoy my has been very helful to be in contact with an other student because in this way I could ask her for every doubts. In italy I did only the PPD test because I have already do the other obligatory vaccine.

Courses during the exchange period

SSK001 : Nursing of the elderly - Clinical education 1
SSKLITT01 : Literature Review
SSKPED01 : Child and adolescents health care - Clinical education
Utklädnad på Halloween


This is a very interesting experience because I can learn a lots: coustoms and traditions of the city, know lots of friends and nurses, know how is the work and the view of the nurse in Sweden, Thanks to this experience I’m thinking to caming back here in Sweden after my degree because I really love this life, this city, this health system!


Language and Culture

No course of swedish language.

Studies in general

I did four types of apprenticeships.

The first one was at Stockholms Sjukhem in homecare with ASIH. It was a great experience, I could go in patients’ home and see the lifestyle and the coustoms of swedish people. I really enjoy my staying there becaouse every nurse was willing and kind.

The secounde one was at Samariten Ambulance at Sollentuna. This is my first time in the ambulance and I’m very excited. It is a very interesting experience where I learn a lot about how to do(following the guidelines) in a short time. I see many differet patients and I really enjoy doing this experience. I think It was a great choice to send me in the ambulance instead in emergency department because in two weeks is easier understand and learn something in the ambulance.

The third one was at KI in Solna in cardiac unit where I find lovely and special people who help me in every situations. I learn a lot and I realy enjoy staying there.

The fourth one was at SӦS

In all my experiences patients were very interesting to know why I have chosen to came here, to know me and my degree. Everybody try to talk in english with me, I think it’s a great thing because they make my feel at home.

There are some differences between Italy and Sweden in the organization and in health system instead the practical actions are the same. For this reason I learn a lot in the relationship between nurse, patient and family; 

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