Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Hanoi Medical University
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2009/2010
Duration: 22
Name: Thi Dieu Thuy Nguyen
Email address:


Prof Winblald prepared and organized the accommodation for me before I went  to Sweden.
I think everything is OK

Language and Culture

English and Swedish
When they talk Swedish, it was very hard to understand.
Swedish people are very kind and helpful

Leisure time

Discover Old Stokholm
Went to country side, summer-house
Visit Hensinki 


Teaching exchange is program that make benefits for both sides. Although I know   that Vietnamese teaching methods should change but it takes time. The more people have a chance to join to program, the more success the program will have 

Other activities

Obsevering  clinical training for students
Participating in Conference for medical research at Soderjukhuset
Visiting Allergy and Pulmonary lab
Join with Sweden Medical students for visiting Patient in the neonatal and Emergency Department
Give a short lecture for students
Discussion about medical system with some experts.
In the future, I hope we will collaborate in research. The number of patients is  high in Vietnam but we have got enough technology and lab to early detect diseases. We also have more experience in clinic and we will share with  Swedish doctor and students


KI and Hanoi Medical University have an Agreement about teacher exchange. In the Department of Pediatrics  in Hanoi where I am a lecturer, two lecturers had been in teacher exchange before.
I had prepared a little of bit but not too much for this visit. I had been studied in Australia for 5 Years, that why I felt I was confident to visit aboard. Of course, I had prepared some topic I think It was useful for my area. I had sent email to Prof Winblald to order some meetings with people I think  they were experts in Allergy, Respiratory and Medical Education. All the meetings  were very interesting and useful for me. I had learn invaluable experience in both teaching and clinical areas.


Teaching exchange had many benefits. I will change some methods of teaching for students. Set up pre clinical center with real condition is most important. The methods of medical teaching in KI are very good but it very hard to apply in Vietnam 


In KI, all clinical staff were facilitators, Students have supported at any time, both day and night. In Vietnam, only lecturers and a small numbers of doctors can take care students. Students in Vietnam often study in clinical ward in the morning with lecturers. In the afternoon, they learn theory at the University.
The methods to teach medical student are similar between 2 countries. However, KI often teach using a group of lectures, including senior doctors, junior doctor, nurses, ..... while in Vietnam only one lecturer cover all duties. The numbers of pediatrician in Vietnam are small and they serve for too much patients, they have not much time to teach students.
Students in Sweden are very active, they have an elective courses and they choose which topic they like. In contrast, Vietnamese students are shy, and they have not got an elective course, all subjects in University are compulsory.  

Teaching hours

I teach about 10 hours/week, between 2-3 lessons, 1 seminar/week ( 5%), 20 hours working with patients (50%), one or 2 nights having a duty at hospital. Sometime, I have a lectures at University, but not every weeks