Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Hanoi Medical University
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2009/2010
Email address:

Arrival and registration

  • As expected, we was picked up at the airport and given a key for the apartment by a member from Global Friends. On the way, the Metro system surprised us a lot as we had never used or seen before and it was such an unforgettable memory.
  • For the first day at KI, I got and completed full documentaries on the scholarship, on the courses, on the campus map, or the recommendation for a life in Stockholm, and the health check for MRSA, etc. Then with the big help from the contact person, I had registered for my bank account of which the procedure in Swedish was extremely complicated.


  • Because of my mistake, I didn't apply properly for housing via UAC so I had to arrange for private housing by seeking help from several other Vietnamese students in Stockholm. It was alright then; but in my opinion,it would have been more convenient to have a housing arrangement with UAC before arriving.
  • With my friend attending the same course with me, she did hire a room monthly during the time in Sweden via UAC, with well-supplied facilities and suitable cost of housing. Especially, it took less time to go to Ki or to Södersjukhuset where we studied daily in. Thus, my experience is that all procedures for housing should be completed prior to the trip, and UAC is a good option.

Leisure time and social activities

  • Thanks to Global Friends, I enjoyed the life in Stockholm so much. I was offered many social activities and had many foreign friends not only in the same course but also from other courses in KI. I had experienced the remarkably unique walk in Gamla Stan at night with wonderful friends or warm welcome party for all exchange students.
  • Even when coming back home, we still keep in touch with others. I highly appreciate the attempt of Global Friends and Student union of KI to keep students from other countries with other cultures closer.


  • Before becoming an exchange student at KI, I myself extremely wanted to study medicine abroad with the hope that I can approach the latest knowledge and techniques. And with KI, I found my purpose satisfied.
  • Thanks to our enthusiastic contact person in KI, Ms.Magdalena Palmqvist, I was able to update the necessary information (including invitation letter, accommodation, insurance certificate) and get ready for applying visa which seemed quite new to me indeed.

  • Because this was the first time to be abroad, Sweden was out of my imagination about the life, the culture, or the people , etc. Fortunately, I received a lot of help and recommendations from Global Friends (which lately had sent a member to pick me up at the airport in a freezing early morning) through the email contact.

Courses during the exchange period

ELAXX6 : Surgery 1
This is a really interesting course supporting for the general surgery. The most precious experiences I had is the study on EBM and the wonderful benefits it gives.
ELAX16:9 : Obstetrics and Gynaecology
That is one of images of the unforgettable trip to Finnhamn Island in the first week of the course. We had enjoyed many interesting and impressive discussions on the ethic in medicine, and on the difference of each health care system.


In my opinion, the period of studying in Sweden, in KI, is a remarkable and efficient time that I could get an effective study method, a new experience, and beautiful friendships.

Language and Culture

  • Although I didn't meet trouble with using English to communicate, I really felt interested in Swedish language course offered for all exchange students. It was a short course in English for beginners with friendly native teacher, from which I could apply some Swedish to daily life such as greeting people, introducing myself, reading simple instruction on streets, in supermarket and other public areas.
  • Besides, when studying in hospital Swedish was a language barrier to approach patients. It will be better if you could first make a comfortable environment and understand a little bit the history of patients just by using your Swedish. I had done and enjoyed it so much.
  • The only thing unsatisfied was that I could only choose the course opening in March instead of February, so I didn't have enough time to follow the course until the end.

Studies in general

Swedish study environment offers students a huge resources of literature and an easy way to searching information.
  • Almost time we spent was in hospital, but it was able to access internet for reference information everywhere like in the library or in the students' computer room. It was also great to spend spare time to read available books in some private and quiet corner of the library or even borrow book from that.
  • I was instructed how to get familiar with and use efficiently the searching system in hospital by enthusiastic staffs working in library from first days and it did support for my studying of medicine in clinic.
Clinical rotation is the best option to promote the clinical skills and gain more knowledge.
  • In the course of Obs and Gyn, we had both theoretical classes and skills training ones. I had got a lot of aid from the second since I would know how to gain knowledge and apply the exact knowledge into daily practice (how to deal with a normal delivery, how to communicate with the patients, etc.) without trying to learn by heart. That was the important point making difference because we didn't get as much such aid as we did here in my country.
  • Each student was supposed to go with a doctor so that he or she could instruct students about the skills, help students answer the question related to clinic and share their own experience not only about medicine. I had kept asking question everyday and I always got the detailed answers as I expected from my supervisors.