Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Makerere University
Study programme: Midwifery
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2009/2010
Duration: 22
Name: Scovia Nalugo Belinda
Email address:


Accommodation was very good and was pleased with the facilities. I was hosted by a Ugandan. It was really nice to stay with her I had the best time while staying with her and having some one to talk too.I appreciate that KI flexible in arranging my accommodation. Cost of living is expensive in Sweden given the fact that we come from developing country. Every thing was expensive. it would be nice to suggest to the partcipants some cheap stores they can use while in Sweden.

Language and Culture

The teaching was done in both English and Swedish. Communication was really difficult for most students because English is not heir official language. However, the course coordinator was always available to translate English into Swedish. Nonetheless, the students tried their best and showed a genuine desire to communicate in English as best as they could thus easing my work. Outside class every one tried to speak to us in English and we were able to communicate. The Swedish people are quite but really friendly if you get to know them. The people were trusting and honest.

Leisure time

We had a number of social activities. We had luch with the department it was really nice and I enjoyed it. We had dinner with a number of staff in the midwifery department. They really made us feel at home because they invitated us to their homes. One of the lecturers at KI invited us to her summer home on the island Trasko galn (archipelago). We had a great time at the island. It was really beautiful and refreshing. I had a chance of visiting Skansen and the experience was interesting and really appreciated. It was really nice to see how Swedish live in their Homes


This is a good experience. The experience is a learning experience in terms of teaching methodologies. It also leads to formation of professional and personal networks.

Other activities

We visited the Center for disease control in Sweden, We also attended a number of defences by PhD candidates.

In the future the teachers should collaborate more especially on research .


We have had the teacher student exchange for the last four years, so its common knowledge for every one in the department about the exchange programme. The programme is organised well, information is sent from the International coordination office to the University requesting for nomination of people to partcipate in the programme. The names were nominated and i contacted the International coordination office and all the information was provided which i needed for the preparation for the visit. I f i had any question i just sent an email to the International coordination office and i received prompt replies. I had enough time to prepare. The invitation and travel insurance were sent in time and this enabled me to get my visa in time. The air ticket was booked in time and i had no problem with my flight. Upon arrival i was picked from the air port.


The experience was really good. The experience was enriching and it made me appreciate the value of teacher student relationship. This is important because leads to positive achievement orienations, academic progress and success. I will improve my relationship with my students.


I enjoyed the teaching at KI. We used problem based learning, lectures, practical sessions in the skills laboratory ,role plays and clinical placements in the hospitals and clinics.. This is very similar to the methods used in MUK. There was a very good relationship between the teachers and the student, therefore there was no gap between the students and the teachers. The teachers and students interacted freely this facilitated the learning of the students. In MUK there is a very big gap between the teachers and students and this may affect the students learning since interaction is limited and this may affect the students learning . The examination at KI varied from MUK; At KI the assessment depends on the attendance, presentations and the final exam which could be a take home exam or a written exam. At MUK, students are required to sit for exams in a formal examination setting where they write their answers within a given period and hand in their script.

Teaching hours

We spent at least 10 hours per week involved in the teaching activities the rest of the time we visited the clinical area or worked on individual assignments.