Exchange report - incoming teachers
Home university: Hanoi Medical University
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2009/2010
Duration: 22
Name: Nhat An Pham
Email address:


We're very satisfied with the accommodation and thank so much for the kindness of the landlord, specially to the Professor at KI who prepared accommodation for us very well, convenient for working and learning during the exchanging time

Language and Culture

The teaching language almost is swedish, but they can use English as well...

Leisure time

we also spend time to discover Stockholm and Swedish culture... That's so nice


That's wonderful change for us to learn and share the way to up grate our activities on teaching and learning

Other activities

We're very concerned to the medical education system in Sweden, so we spend time to discuss with several key people responsible for it...And we learned a lot. We also attended into some research conferences at Sachsska Children Hospital, visit Hudding hospital, KI hospital as well...


Very well preparation:

- We know very well the teacher exchange program support by Linnaeus-Palme between KI and Hanoi Medical University.

- Our Pediatrics department attended in the program 2 years ago.

- We had time to work for preparing the work plan.

- We also received the guidline from KI and have good connection by email with the Professor and KI International Coordinator, it was very useful for our preparation.

- We had time to prepare the nesesarities for our activities, prepare our presentation, learn more about KI and the topics, which we'd exchange experience...



We'll strenthen the communication skills training for our students and the way to train together as team work for medical as well as nurse students. We also intend to set ut more parts for election program... and so on. That's the good experience we learned.


In principle, there are not big different between HMU and KI about teaching methodology, but at KI, the students are activated very well, the preparations to learning and teaching are very good, the number of student group is smaller; the teaching materials are much better at KI...

Teaching hours

No ideas, because it depend on what class, which rotations are... But the way working-learning at clinical ward is very practicals...