Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Zürich University of Applied Sciences
Study programme: Occupational Therapy
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Spring semester 2013/2014
Name: Tarah Schweizer
Email address:

Arrival and registration

Because we were two students from my home university, I didn`t use the offer from the global friends organisation. But the information about it was good and it was also understandable how to organize everything. It was as well not the first time in Stockholm for me, so I knew where to buy a SL card and how to go to my accommodation. But maybe for next time, with some help, it would not take such a long time. For example I didn`t know that you can`t buy a one way ticket in the bus. 


I applied for a accommodation at the karolinska Institute Housing AB. Everything worked out really good, and the booking coordinator replied all my questions. I stayed in Vårberg, which is a really new studenthousing, so the rooms were really nice with a lot of space and good places to meet other students. The costs were accordingly high, although the place was about 25 minutes away from the citiy. 

Leisure time and social activities

I participated several times activities organized by global Friends organisation. They made a lot of funny and mostly free trips or celebrations. It was everytime really nice, in especially to meet some other students. But mostly I participated with people from the student housing and the course, community and home based rehabilitation. 
I also participated once a week in a volleyball team from the student organisation SSIF. That I found for myself. ( There I met as well some Swedish people, but mostly exchange students. 


The Exchange at the Karolinska University in Stockholm was one of the only opportunities my home University offered me to go abroad. For me it was always clear, that if I make an exchange, I want to go to Sweden, because on the one hand I had a lot of catnip experience at holiday times and on the other hand I knew about the good intermediate development of the profession Occupational Therapy. 

From the KI I got a lot of information before my arriving, and the Exchange Coordinator from Stockholm also answered a lot of questions, whereat I was very thankful. Because I was the first student who did this kind of exchange I didn`t got any helpful information from my home university. It was really like to be plunged in at the deep end, but I would do it again! 

Courses during the exchange period

AT1X01 : Community and Home Based Rehabilitation - Cultural Perspectives
The course was a personal and a job-related gain. I learnd a lot about my own coutry, the health system and the occupational therapy, and how big the differences can be in just one country. But as well how this things operate in other countries, and that was the most interesting part for me. The exchange with the students and the teachers from abroad were rewarding. Mostly the lessions were with a practival orientation.
1EE083 : Clinical rotation for exchange students - Occupational Therapy
First I got the information, that my practical placement would be in a neurological ward. So I prepared myself a little bit in this field. But on the first day at the hospital they told me that I would be at the handrehabilitation. I was surprised, but I also understood the Change. But still for a next time, if it is possible it would be good to know if there will be a change, so I can prepare myself the right way. I had three different supervisors and they were all so great to me, we talked a lot about the differences in our countries, about the profession, the working culture and about experiences. If the language was a problem between the supervisor or the patient an me, we talked with our hands and body and it functioned everytime, that was really impressive. And that was one of the educational things, because everywhere, as well in the home coutriy exist the possibility that we dont understand each other with our language. I learned as well a lot about the rehabilitation process at the outpatient ward, and as well what happens after the rehabilitation at the hospital.
EAR004 : Analyses of literature from an occupational perspective
That kind of work was for me a really good preparation for the bachelor thesis. As well it was positive that we could choose an own topic.


I had a wonderful, eventful time with a lot of different experiences. I love the country, the language, the fika :) and the natural world. I would do it directly again and then I am sure for a longer time. 

Language and Culture

Unfortunately, it was a little bit a chaos with my language course. Because there at the beginnig I went to one, which was not for beginners, so I didnt went again. After that they suggested me for an other basic course which started after my practical placement. I was really motivated to learn the language, but twice a week for about 2.5 hours was to much, especially because the way to the course and back home was about 2 hours. As well the language would be helpful for the practical placement. So for a next time, I would try to go to a Swedish basic course in my homecountry, but just for me, because in Sweden all the people can speak English very well. 

Studies in general

One of the first big difference which was noticeable for me was, that most of the people knew something about the profession Occupational Therapy (arbetstherapi), because in my home country you have to explain it every time. As well the working atmosphere, particularly the fika times were new for me.