Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Hanoi Medical University
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Linnaeus-Palme
Semester: Spring semester 2009/2010
Email address:

Arrival and registration

  1. First of all, I was supprised by the weather. It was extremely cold with snow everywhere. I arrived in Stockholm very early in the morning with a thought in my head that my host friend may not come to pick me up but she was there 30 minutes earlier. I really appreciate her support.
  2. My contact person helped me a lot in processing necessary stuffs such as bank account (very important), student ID, some books and tips regarding to study at KI and daily life in Stockholm as well.
  3. I feel I was warmly welcomed when arriving Stockholm


  1. I received introduction to apply for housing via UAC from my contact person and finally rent a room in Emmylundsvagen 1. It was pretty good. The house is well-arranged with almost every functional rooms we need: kitchen, laundry room and sauna room. I found it comfortable to live there apart from only one thing: it is difficult for me to pay the rent invoice because I could not pay via internet for some unknown reasons therefore I had to come to UAC building (which is quite far from my house) once a  month.
  2. I got acquaintance with some interesting people who live in the same corridor with me. They gave me the opportunity to experience many different culture from different countries.
  3. I seem to be lucky to live in such a good standard accomodation with reasonable cost.
Kansleren Studenthus

Leisure time and social activities

I participate in Global friend which gathers all the exchange students as well as Swedish guys. We celebrated some parties and went out together every Wednesday evenings. 


  • Thanks to my contact person Ms Magdalena Pamlqvist, all the information about my trip came to me very clearly . I did not find any troubles in preparing documents for visa, in fact it was easier and more quickly than I thought.
  • As this is the first I have ever taken an exchange course in an European country so I have quite a lot concerns about the course : how it would be, what I have to prepare in order to finish the course successfully as well as to gain new knowledge. In addition new method of studying in new condition is also a big problem. However I have received a lot of helpful information from Ms Magdalena and Sihan-a member of Global friends who did give me some essential advice.

Courses during the exchange period

ELAXX6 : Surgery 1
I did not gain a lot through this course. Perhaps it would be better if we have a longer period with more lectures and practice in various departments.
ELAX16:9 : Obstetrics and Gynaecology
It was fantastic. I love thi course. The schedule was very detail, we had a balance amount of theory and clinical practice. all teachers supported us a lot with their enthusiasm.
underkonstruktion för 3-ledsbro i CoCr.


I was totally satisfied with my exchange period at KI. It is unforgetable and fantastic! I have experienced a high standard of studying and living in a developed country which will help me a lot in the future

Language and Culture

I spent only 3 months in Sweden so I did not participate in the Swedish language course. I love to come if I had stayed longer

Studies in general

  1. I attended two different courses: Elective course in Obstetrics and Gynecology ; Clinical rotation in Surgery. Both of them were well-organised and really interesting.
  2. I have learnt a lot from these course, not only new knowledge and clinical procedure but also how to do research effectively. All my teachers in two course are very enthusiastic, friendly and hilarious. They inspired us in studying and taught us a lot of new things.
  3. The condition of learning and doing research in Sweden is much better than in my country but I hope that I will be able to do something to improve that