Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Addis Ababa University
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: INK
Semester: Autumn semester 2014/2015

Arrival and registration

My arrival was, i can confidently say, very smooth. I was a picked up from the airport by the pick up service of  KI. The next day i had a very nice welcome by the international student coordinator Magdelena Palmqvist and the she hooked me up with the MRSA screening center. Unfortunately i didn't have the privilege to attend the introduction day, I was few days late.


I personally want to appreciate the housing arrangements provided by KI. I applied for housing through the UAC and i got what i wanted and the service has been fairly good so far
Vårt sistnämnda boende i Kloof. Fint ställe med underbar trädgård att plugga i :)

Leisure time and social activities

I was part of many of  the events organized by global friends and i want to say that they are doing a very good job over there. 
Vi var på Safari i Hluhluwe/Umfolozi game resereve, ett stort naturreservat 3 timmar norr om Durban och stötte där på denna skönhet :)


Doing my exchange studies at Ki wasn't much of a choice for me. I came through a scholarship offered by KI to my home university. But of course the two universities had a long standing exchange program. I was pretty much satisfied with the information i was provided with before my arrival. I was not required to be vaccinated. 
Det är mycket som skall med, även om det bara är 5 månaders resa. Gäller att prioritera och vara organiserad. Det absolut bästa tipset är vaakumpåsar till kläderna!

Courses during the exchange period

ELAX16 : Obstetrics and Gynaecology
My stay at the department of obstetrics and gynecology was very good i can say. The department is very well organised and the people are very cooperative. About the content of the study, with short period of time that i had i think they tried their best to show me everything. since i did only 4 weeks of clinical rotations at the department, i cant say nothing about the courses or exams. May be one comment i have is that if a day or two of formal education could be arranged as part of the clinical rotation.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
ELA005 : Internal Medicine 1
I cant say same with my stay at the department of interal medicine. they i think are a bit disorganised.
På skolan fanns skåp som man oftast delade 2 och 2, som man kunde förvara sin utrustning i. Hittils idag har inga inbrott skett här då det är inlåst bakom 2 bommar utanför skoltid. Som i Sverige är optikerstudenterna hederliga :)


As a conclusion i want to say that i pretty much enjoyed my stay at KI and Stockholm. I found the exchange program to be very useful. It's like it opened my eyes to a whole new world. So please keep on doing the good job. But i still want to raise the issue of language barrier in clinical practices for medical students. My stay was very much affected by it.
Jag älskar Sydafrika och vill absolut snart åka tillbaka. Här sitter jag och njuter av naturen och utsikten vid Kranzkloof nature reserve.

Language and Culture

No, i didn't participate in any Swedish language course.
Den här bilden är mycket speciell. Pappan till barnet sa att detta ser man inte i Sydafrika idag; En vit människa bärandes på ett svart barn. Om än rasismen minskar förblir gränserna gränser.

Studies in general

I found the Swedish study environment to be very inviting. One big difference i noticed between my home university and KI is on the relationship between Doctors and students and Doctors and patients. In my home university it is more of authoritarian than the more liberal system here. One thing i suggest to be improved is the language barrier. It would be great if it is possible to access patient information in English as well. And if you allow some criticism, i should say that from what i saw, the medical students lack the basic clinical skills to diagnose patients. I've noticed that they rely more on patient investigation results than talking to and examining the patient. 
Jag älskar skolans bibliotek. Riktigt bra ställe att plugga på då ljudnivån är acceptabel och man hittar sina smultronställen. Deras utbud på böcker är stort, om än mycket gammalt men också en del nytt.