Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Universitetet i Bergen
Study programme: Medicine
Exchange programme: Erasmus
Semester: Autumn semester 2014/2015
Name: André Marx
Email address:

Arrival and registration

I have nothing to complain about in this area. 
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Now when it comes to Jägargatan where I was living during the semester I first want to say that Helena Wramberg, who's working, with KI housing was really courteous if you had any questions or wanted to bring someting up. The standard of the student corridor though was not really acceptable. The walls, and especially the doors are thin as paper so if someone shuts their door or talks 15 meters down the corridor, it feels like they are standing inside your room. So for the sake of all the new students, can u please invest in at least thicker doors that can exclude the noice? 
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Leisure time and social activities

Since I grew up and have been living in Sthlm for 21 years I didn't take part in the social KI stuff. I met with family and friends. 
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I did exchange because I've been studying in Norway for five years and really felt that I wanted to come home for a semester (I come from Sthlm). I had also heard that KI was a good university. 

Courses during the exchange period

D10X01 : Clinical medicine-emphasis on reproduction and development
I was very satisfied with the structure in both gyn/obs and ped. I choose to comment on both at the same time since there is nothing in particular that I have to comment on in any of the specific courses. What I can say is that the way they did with clinical rotations from monday-thursday and then lectures on fridays was really good. Also having these seminars each thursday forced you to study from the start making you improve and develop faster. THe knowledge sort of matured compared to the normal way where you might start reading two weeks before the exam. The exams with theoretical parts and clinical part was good and forced you to develop in both areas.
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I have nothing to add here except for the the need of changing the bloody doors at Jägargatan. 
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Language and Culture

Im swedish..
Ett land med mycket att erbjuda.

Studies in general

KI was very professional, but I'm not surprised since it's an eminent university. Coming from UiB i Bergen, Norway was like night and day. In Bergen no one gives a %&# about the students, while at KI you really felt that the people working with the teaching tried their best to help the students and make them better. I cant complain on anything, only praise them for the work they invest in the students. 
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