Exchange report - incoming students
Home university: Zürich University of Applied Sciences
Study programme: Physiotherapy
Exchange programme: INK
Semester: Autumn and spring semester 2014/2015

Arrival and registration

After my arrival at Stockholm central station I enjoyed a pick-­‐up service organised by KI Housing. So it was very comfortable to find the accommodation and get the first important information about the public transport system and the structure of the city. In the first week there was a good possibility to have a meeting with the study coordinator to get all the important information about when and where to start and who to contact if there are any uncertainties or problems coming up.


After I got the letter of confirmation to be accepted at KI it was easy to hand in the application for a student accommodation via KI Housing. Finally I got an offer from KI Housing to live at Jägargatan 20, Södermalm, for the duration of my stay. I was quite satisfied with this offer. The rent was (compared to other possibilities in Sweden) cheap, the location was pretty central, the room and the common areas were mainly clean. The kitchen contained everything necessary to cook a good meal and there were always some other students to talk to or do something in the spare time.

Leisure time and social activities

There are a lot of possibilities in Stockholm. Museums, sport events, a lot of bars, coffees, concerts, social dance, there is something for everybody. I got a lot of information about what I really need to see or do from my pick-­‐up service and my housemates. My colleagues from work informed me which restaurants I should visit and where I should go for a drink or two. There are also different facebook groups from the university or global friends where some activities are organized. The Swedish people I met where mainly colleagues from work, friends from other exchange students, people that I met in a bar or in the gym.


Why Sweden / Why KI?

Some years ago I travelled around in Norway and Sweden to finally end up in Stockholm. The beauty of the countryside and the city itself fascinated me. During my first 6 semesters of my physiotherapy studies I read a few studies made at KI. Therefore my decision to apply for an exchange place at KI was clear, when I realised that my home university offered some of these places at KI in Stockholm. Information about how to apply for a study place, how to apply for one of the study accommodations were mainly easy to get by internet, study coordinators or former exchange students from my home university.

Courses during the exchange period

1EE016 : Clinical rotation 2.1 for exchange students - physiotherapy
During my first rotation (1EE016) I could improve myself especially concerning active physiotherapy and physical examination in patients with sports injuries or with orthopaedic problems.
1EE082 : Clinical rotation for exchange students - physiotherapy
At the KUA educational ward (1EE082) I profited especially from the interdisciplinary work.
1EE020 : Literature review


Stockholm is a wonderful city with impressive architecture, a lot of nice parks and coffees. There is also a great nightlife with a lot of live music bars and a good atmosphere. The Swedish people left the impression of an open and happy minded, helpful, friendly folk.  

The exchange program was quiet good organized. Sometimes the information when and where to start the new rotation was a bit late but it was easy to get contact to the study coordinators and get the missing information. My experience with this exchange was great and I would definitely recommend doing some clinical rotations at KI in Sweden to other students.

Language and Culture

There was an offer to take part at a Swedish course from KI. Of course I used the possibility to take part at this course. Because I did a Swedish course already before I came to Sweden it was nothing completely new I learnt at this level, but it was good to repeat grammar and practice speaking skills.

Studies in general

During my different clinical rotations I could expand my knowledge and get a lot of new experiences and I could get a good insight of the work of a physiotherapist in Sweden. My team integrated me quiet nice, they were always there to answer some questions or to support me concerning language boarders or with know-­‐how.